07 September, 2023

5 Salon Tracker reports that will change your life!


On Salon Tracker, there are over 40 different reports that can help your business, but have you used them all? Today we are going to go through 5 of our favourite reports and how they will benefit your business. 

Action Log 

The action log is one of the most useful reports on Salon Tracker as it will show you every action that has been performed on Salon Tracker, accounting for every second from when you open Salon Tracker, to when you shut it down! It also tells you which user was logged in at the time. All of this means that you can have peace of mind when you’re not in the salon, knowing that you’ll be able to check every action whenever you need.  


Day End 

The day end receipt is a great summary of the day at your salon, including a breakdown of sales taken from bookings or retail products, customers that have been in, a summary of your bookable items (sunbeds or beauticians e.g.) and much more! This report is great for every day use to be able to see how your business is performing at a glance, day-by-day.  


Service Minutes Remaining by Customer 

This report allows you to see your customer list and how many minutes they have left to use on the sunbeds. This is great to be able to see which customers have minutes on their accounts and when those minutes expire. It is a lot quicker to see customers’ minutes from this report rather than having to individually look at everyone’s customer cards to see their remaining minutes so it will save you time so that you can focus on other things. 


Stock Check/Stock Levels 

The stock reports are extremely useful for monitoring the stock levels of your products in the salon. With the stock check report, you can use this to physically count how many of each product you have in the salon, and then compare it against the stock level report which tells you how many of each product there should be so that you can see if there’s any discrepancies between the two. This is extremely useful as if the levels counted were different, you would be able to identify this and then look into why and notice if it is a continuous occurrence.


Sales/Bookings by Day Chart  

On the sales by day chart, you will be able to see your total sales, booking sales and retail sales split up by day. This is very useful for identifying which days your salon performs best, which could help you adjust different components in your business to bring the sales up on the under performing days. This can be used alongside the bookings by day chart which shows how many bookings have been made on each day of the week, including charts for cancellations and no shows. By using these reports, you will be able to identify your strongest and weakest days for business. 

If you would like to have a look at all of the reports that Salon Tracker has to offer or want to go through any reports you are unsure on just give us a call on 0113 350 8230 or email us at info@salontracker.co.uk.

Salon Tracker x


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