14 September, 2022

5 ways to increase your Salon Bookings this Autumn

With the busiest season of the year for Salon Owners coming to an end, you may be wondering what you can do to try and keep your calendar as full as possible... luckily we're here to help!

We've come up with 5 ideas that are bound to push your bookings this Autumn giving you a full calendar that you have worked so hard to achieve 

Hype yourself up

Believe it or not but you are your own biggest supporter and social media is exactly the place to show yourself off! You can use your Instagram as a portfolio to upload all your best work and your potential future customers can see just how good you are. A key tip is to tag the client you have done the treatment on so they can interact with the post and even better - comment on it telling you just how much they love it! 

I would also encourage your clients to write reviews on all your social media platforms to organically build your reputation and on Instagram make use of your highlights! Create a story with a 'questions' function on and ask for reviews on here. You can then repost every review you get and add it to your highlights so people browsing on your profile can easily access truthful reviews that people have given you and even more so will encourage them to book. Did you know that 94% of people say positive reviews make them more likely to use a business?

Another tip: Add your Salon Tracker booking link to your highlights too. You can call the highlight 'book now' then use the 'add link' function to put the link on. This can also be in your Instagram bio giving clients easy access to booking an appointment as a study found 90% of people prefer to book online rather than in person or on the phone.

Automatic follow ups

The most common mistake made in Salons is using follow-up texts incorrectly. Texting a client 2-3 days after their appointment has proven to be less successful than if you were to text your client 4-6 weeks after their appointment saying something along the lines of:

" Hi Client, it's been 6 weeks since your last hair cut, please use our online booking platform online.salontracker.co.uk/thesalon to book your next appointment! "

To make this even easier for you, Salon Tracker's effective marketing suite can do this all for you. If you create your own custom marketing campaign, you can use the filters to select 'appointment booked' and change the dates back to 6 weeks ago which will then filter out all the customers who had an appointment 6 weeks ago - convenient eh? This will then prompt the client to book an appointment again instead of remembering a few weeks after.

Use an effective referral scheme

If your clients love what you do, then why not encourage them to talk to their friends & family about your Salon and introduce a referral scheme? Lots of clients will be more encouraged to sing your praises if there is an incentive involved so why not try some of the following schemes:

- If your friend uses your Unique reference when booking their appointment both you and your friend will get 10% off your next appointment.

- Mate date! Bring your friend along for this treatment to get £5 off each.

- For every 5 friends you refer to our Salon you will get a 1 free appointment for any treatment up to £50.

Utilise google Ads

Google Ads are one of the hidden gems that aren't spoke about enough. If you utilise them properly, the function of google reviews plays an important part as well as as the functionality to book through a google ad. 

If someone is new to the area, and they google 'salons near me', it's important your Salon remains near the top as realistically, nobody is going to sit scrolling to find the Salon that is right for them. They're going to pick one from the top that has the best reviews and provides convenience such as an online booking functionality.

Salon Tracker is your Personal Assistant

Above all, Salon Tracker can act as your very own personal assistant and can do the majority of the work, without you even realising it. 

We provide free training and support to help you get the most out of the software as well as lots of help videos that are always accessible.

Our enterprise package is our most popular package and it costs just £90 per month which is less than one Full Head of Highlights per month! With this package you have Unlimited online bookings at no extra charge, the ability to take online deposits and payments with a small % fee plus much more.

If you'd like to trial our software for 2 weeks free, please leave your information by clicking this link and a member of our friendly sales team will be in touch!

Salon Tracker x

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