16 March, 2018

Are you ready for the GDPR? We are!

With less than 2 months to go until the big change we thought we’d give you a run through on what we, here at Salon Tracker have done in order to be fully GDPR compliant. Meaning you can put your trust in our Software and put your mind at ease. 

If you’re unaware of what the GDPR actually is, then it is an act which is put in place of the current data protection act 1998 and will be standing as of May 2018. The data protection act 1998 is very much still standing, the GDPR is just added security on top of what was already there.

Want further information? Visit our own previous blog: http://ow.ly/Z4w130iPhLI or the official GDPR homepage: https://www.eugdpr.org/.

So, here’s everything you need to know:

  • We have made sure that the marketing consent boxes which serve the purpose of including your clients in mailing letters and SMS texts are now unticked by default, meaning the client now has to opt in to marketing by ticking the box themselves and wouldn’t be included in a salon mailing list under false-impression/ not agreeing to it. 
  • We have also implemented a “lock down” on all of your clients given data for anyone that has a user logon lower than a manager status. This means that the clients data requires extra authentication in order for staff members to access any client data by “unlocking” the data for it to be revealed. Every unlock of data performed by all staff members is logged and can be viewed in an audit report as often as the owner wish to sees it. Meaning that you can monitor when any client’s data is being viewed and whether or not is it being viewed without reason allowing you to follow up accordingly. Furthermore, this feature is very useful for safety reasons too. For example, if a client has an allergy to a certain product, then the information regarding the allergy would be stored on their client card, therefore every practical employee must check their card so they can avoid giving them an allergic reaction. If a situation comes up where this was to happen, the owner can check the audit report to determine whether or not their employee checked the client card. And every employee account is password protected so there’s no excuse for mistakes, making your salon a much safer place. 
  • We have also put into practice a “master delete button” which if functional for ‘forgetting’ clients details at their request. Don’t worry, under the GDPR you are still inclined to keep all legal information such as the signing of disclaimers, patch tests and treatment consent which can be stored securely in an external format to our software. However, you may need to be in touch with a solicitor for further advice should you need to keep these legal documents. 
  • Under the GDPR, clients have the right to request a SAR (Subject access request) at any given time. The Salon then has to product ALL information they hold on the client free of charge and within 30 days. Now you might think that sounds like a timely effort and a costly one… but with our software you can do an extensive customer history report within the click of a button and then export it straight to print, the joys of technology! 
  • It’s not new but golden for the GDPR! – Finger print reader. We integrate our software with our very own fingerprint reader (professional package and above) which makes the security of client data extremely safe with the help of personal biometric data. Clients can lock their data to their individual fingerprint meaning only themselves can access it and it’s as simple as walking into the salon and applying their finger print to the reader which automatically brings up their client card, perfect! 
And that's a wrap! A fully GDPR compliant solution to answer all your Salon needs, taking the weight off your shoulders and giving you the confidence when May 25th comes around!

Any questions? Email christie@salontracker.co.uk or call 0113 350 8230, we're always happy to help. 

Salon Tracker x

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