07 August, 2019

Best kept Salon secrets!

So our blog this week is one we know you'll all love... why? Because we've done some extensive research to find out what it really is that makes a salon so successful, from the smallest of tips to the biggest of changes; you're in for a treat!

You're probably wondering what these secrets are... and why you don't know them already. The thing is, although Salons are very similar in what they do, they can be very different in how they do things and what works well for some may not work as well for others etc etc. So we've spoken to a number of Salons and gathered together just what it is that they think keeps their Salon so busy regardless of how small or big a thing it is...

Let's start with the most popular answer:

  • Marketing on social media (ALL SOCIAL MEDIA).
The most common answer we received is making use of all social media outlets there are available (Instagram, Facebook + sometimes even Twitter) as in this day and age... without a running, regularly posted on social media account; most people won't even bother thinking twice about your Salon. People rely on reviews, photos of work the Salon has done before and can relate to content on social media making them 10x more likely to book an appointment with you rather than a place that that doesn't have anything accessible apart from a pesky telephone number. Not only that, but Facebook and Instagram have the utility to be able to place a 'book now' button on there where you can allow your clients to book via Salon Tracker's online booking system saving you heaps of time and heaps of messages you don't have to go through in your spare time!

The times are moving fast and with social media gaining 280 million users since January 2018 to February 2019 with a total of 3.484 billion active social media users around the world (https://www.avocadosocial.com/latest-social-media-statistics-and-demographics-for-the-uk-in-2019/that is too much of a market to miss out on! 

  • Treat being a stylist/ therapist/ beautician as your hobby and not your job!
When your job is all about making someone look good and feel good about themselves you begin to reap the rewards and your 'job' actually turns into your hobby and something to look forward too every day rather than a job you can't stand and dread going too. Having that passion for your job will not only make you a better stylist, but it will also show to your clients and make them want to come back sooner!

  • Accepting the ups and the down's as a learning curve rather than a set-back
Learning to deal with the downs a salon goes through as a learning curve instead of a set-back will be the best decision you could make for your Salon. For example, if you have an unusually quiet period in Summer... why could that be? Did you do enough marketing? Did you remind clients to re-book after 6 weeks? If not, instead of dwelling on it, why not make use of the quiet time? Send out a marketing campaign from your Salon Tracker marketing suite offering 20% off treatments if they come in this week, or why not focus on your social pages and put some offers on there? Business will soon be booming again all because you'd been proactive rather than just using the quiet time as a set-back. Time is money!


  • Salon Software i.e Salon Tracker!
If you're still running your Salon out of a messy diary with pages ripped out and words that have been tried to be erased whilst sending your appointment reminders manually from your own phone... then it's time to move on. Our users said that using the software has saved them from working in their personal time and gives them so many more hours in the day where they can use that time to invest in the Salon.

Salon Tracker hosts many different features and is constantly developing the software based on the feedback and requirements from our current users. These features include, SMS appointment reminders, SMS marketing suite, extensive business reports and charts, re-book reminders and many more.

To get your FREE demo and trial go to https://www.salontracker.co.uk/FreeTrial.aspx to have your Salon turned around!

If you think you have any more best kept salon secrets then please get in touch via our Instagram page @Salontrackersoftware  https://www.instagram.com/salontrackersoftware/, we'd love to hear them!

Salon Tracker x

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