06 February, 2024

Common Misconceptions about Sunbeds

Common Misconceptions about Sunbeds

Sunbeds Give You Skin Cancer

Any form of UV rays increases your risk of skin cancer, including the sun. In countries where there is not much sunlight, this shouldn’t be a concern as long as you are using sunbeds in a safe way. Unlike the sun, exposure to UV rays on sunbeds are more controlled, meaning you have more power over your exposure to them. So, why are sunbeds banned in Australia? In Australia, there is a lot of natural sunlight, meaning the citizens there already have a lot of exposure to sunlight and UV rays, so sunbeds are not needed.


Sunbeds Will Burn You

Using sunbeds irresponsibly could potentially cause you to burn, just like the sun. However, using the beds in a sensible way can actually help you to build a “base tan” which can give you more protection from burning against the sun. This can be especially useful before going on holiday to a warmer, sunnier country (lucky you!) as your body will be more used to the UV rays and your skin shouldn’t burn as easily.


Sunbeds Are Bad For Your Health

Quite the opposite of this is true! The UVB rays from some sunbeds help to provide your body with essential vitamin D. Your body will naturally convert UVB from the sun into vitamin D, but when there is not much sun during the Winter months, or if you’re stuck inside during the sunny hours of the day, a few minutes on a sunbed can be beneficial! In the UK, our bodies do not produce enough vitamin D from sunlight alone. Vitamin D is needed to regulate other nutrients in the body, which are essential for keeping teeth, bones and muscles healthy.


There Are No Psychological Benefits

Along with the other benefits of using sunbeds, they can also make you feel better and more confident! According to the sunbed association, 70% of people want to be tanned. Having a tan can not only make you feel more confident, but also look healthier, improving your self-perception and boosting your mood! Responsible use of sunbeds can also increase your body’s production of endorphins (also known as the “happy hormones”) which decreases stress levels, possibly improving mental health overall.

Please note, in the UK, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to use a sunbed.

Please do your own research before using a sunbed as they are not suitable for everyone.

We hope that you have found this blog useful!

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