08 May, 2019

Effective Salon security with Salon Tracker.

I’m sure the matter of your own Salon Security has crossed your minds multiple times; wondering if your customer data is actually safe and if your staff care about the well-being of the Salon just as much as you do… especially if you’re still old-school and use the paper diary as a way of organising your salon and a filing cabinet for all those disclaimers!

Well worry no more, Salon Tracker is cut out to keep your Salon more than secure and here are the reasons why:

User logins with passwords

Salon Tracker gives you the ability to create multiple staff logins for your staff, each protected with a pin and the option of finger print recognition. Each staff member will have their unique log in and pin and of course with finger print recognition only they can access their account and make actions on Salon Tracker. Furthermore, the owner of the account has the ability to prevent certain staff members from accessing certain parts of the software, such as specific reports or making admin changes.

Our software also has an ‘Action log report’ which entails every single detail of what's occurred within the software in any given time frame. From the minute the software is launched to the minute it is shut down, any transaction that was made, any movement on the software down to a report being pulled or a client card being looked at – it’s all tracked. So, nothing in the software would go a-miss! 

Auto log-out

Salon Tracker also has the option to turn on an ‘auto log-out’ feature where after a given amount of no movement on the software, it will automatically log you out and will need a user to log in with their fingerprint or password before it can be used again. Perfect for busy salons that doesn’t always have a receptionist or someone at the desk 24/7.

Finger print technology and secure ID
As mentioned previously, Salon Tracker hosts the ability to interact with fingerprint technology for staff members to log in with. The best part about it is that your customers can also register their fingerprint for added security, to protect their account and minutes/ pre-bought services. All you need to do is register their finger print when you register them as a customer and from there forward they will just need to place their finger on the reader and the software will bring their client card up already without you having to search for their name. Which is perfect for busy salons or new salon owners that haven’t got to know their customers yet. The option for secure ID to be turned on (where the client has to put their fingerprint down) is also available when they’re going on a bed or for certain services which can work as an authenticating feature for added salon protection.

On top of that, our software also allows you take a head shot of your clients and store it to their client card. You can do this by either using your integrated webcam or uploading a picture from your files, which is an alternative way of checking the client’s identification.

Virtual disclaimer

Sick of storing all those signed paper disclaimers in a full filing cabinet with no sense of organisation to it? Salon Tracker does all the hard work for you by giving you the ability to upload a PDF format of your Salon disclaimer to the software and by using one of our integrated signature pads, gives you the ability to store a signed copy of the disclaimer onto every client’s customer card. Say goodbye to those messy filing cabinets and hello to a much safer way of protecting your Salon disclaimers!

Secure shell

Secure shell is a utility we’ve created as a request by some of our clients. It is a utility that makes the computer in your Salon only accessible for the software itself so there isn’t any way of your clients being able access the internet in work hours; making your salon their number one priority. All you have to do is request this feature when setting up the software and we’ll be able to add that in for you!

I’m sure a secure Salon is just what you’re looking for, so why not give us a call to get booked in for a free demo and 2-week trial? You’ve got nothing to lose!

I look forward to speaking with you and being part of your Salon Journey.

Salon Tracker x

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