15 September, 2021

Feature of the Month- New Tanning Features

Feature of the month is back! To celebrate this month, we’re doing a three in one of new tanning rules that we have added into the software over the past couple of weeks all in one place!


One new feature which is in the final stages of completion is our new overbook feature. This feature is more for the tanning salons who take prebooking’s for their beds.  This feature allows you to book customers onto a bed, even if they don’t have the minutes pre purchased on their account. For example, if one of your customers wanted to get booked in for a sunbed in a few days’ time for 15 minutes, but only had 6 minutes remaining on their course card, you would be able to book them a slot for 15 minutes, with the 9 extra minutes being classed as an over booking. If you do this, you won’t be able to confirm the booking until those extra 9 minutes have been purchased. This means that you can effectively book people in for more minutes that they have remaining but means that you won’t be able to put them onto the bed unless they have paid, meaning you’re less likely to give away any free

minutes by accident.

Course Rules

Another new feature that we have recently added to the system is course and single minutes rules. The way this works is that when you add a new booking or single minute service, you can add some course rules onto it. For example, with your single minute services, you can add the rule that it’s got to all be used in one session. This means that people can’t buy 15 single minutes and use 9 minutes one day and then 6 the next. This feature can also be used for courses. For example, if you have a course where a customer can go on 20 sessions for a set price, you can set the number of sessions available for that course to be 20. As well as the number of sessions per tanning service, you can also set it so there are only set numbers available to take off. For example, with the 15-minute single session there would only be a -15 option or if you had a course which allowed 10 minutes per day for a set amount of time, the only option available would be -10. You can set these numbers and the number of sessions as to whatever works best for you.

Online Security

We have also improved security for your salon when it comes to online bookings. Now all booking rules that are set on Salon Tracker will pull through to the online account. This means that whilst customers were never able to go on the bed more than once a day, this will also stop customers booking more than once a day meaning there will be more space on your calendar. Any other booking rules will be pulled through too, for example if you want fairer skin types to only be able to book once every 48 hours of if you only want your customers to only be able to book a set number of sunbeds per year. This again is totally customisable to your salon and just means you have even more control of what goes on in your salon at all times.


If you would like anymore information on any of these features or would like any help getting them set up, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  Also, if you would like to see these features in action come visit us at Professional Beauty London on the 17th and 18th of October and we will be able to give you a demonstration of how they work!


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