09 January, 2024

Feature of the month - Online payments

We know how busy you can be in your Salon, why not make things that little bit easier by having your customers purchase their services online beforehand. With our online payments feature you can have customers pay deposits prior to their appointment's or pay the full service amount to speed up the check in process. What's not to love?

How do online payments work?

On our Enterprise package you will have access to your very own personlised online page with the options of booking and shop. This means that your customers can select what they would like to book in for and see what days and times are available. You can then choose whether you want your customers to pay the service in full or just a deposit. If you prefer the use of walk ins at your salon you can still benefit from an online page as clients can still pay for services online and then come into the salon with that service stored on their account ready to use. Salon Tracker's online payment feature gives customers the options of entering bank details manually or they can use Apple pay, Google Pay and Klarna. Once a payment is completed online it automatically syncs with your Salon Tracker so that you don't miss a thing. 


Online Bookings-

On your very own customised booking page you can list all of your available services and times for your customers to look through and select. They can then pay for this booking whilst they are online using our different payment options. This payment feature is guaranteed to streamline your payment process leading to lower wait times and higher customer satisfaction. 

Deposits -

Are you wanting to reduce no shows? Online deposits are the way to go, you can set either a percentage amount or a flat rate, such as £10, for each service that you offer. When the customer comes in for their appointment they just have the remaining amount to pay, which Salon Tracker will work our for you. This deposit feature is proven to reduce your customers no shows and ensure your salon is always booming. 

 Shop - 

Online payments isn't just useful for bookings, you can also set up a shop feature where your customers can purchase a service in advance without making a booking. If you offer a walk in service at your salon this would be a perfect option. Having your clients purchase their service in advance will speed up your check in time so that you can focus solely on the customers experience. 


How would online payments benefit your Salon?

  • Online payments can increase your customers experience as they can make a payment from the comfort of their own homes and provides 24/7 accessibility to your services so that they can fit in with their own schedules. 


  • It reduces both staff and customers time as payments can be handled in advance meaning they can enjoy their experience and you can focus on providing an amazing service. 


  • Using online payments means you can finally go cashless. The past few years has seen a shift from cash to contactless with increase in Apple pay, online shopping and Klarna. Now your Salon can do the same!


  • Our online payment feature gives you the option to use Apple pay, Google Pay and Klarna. These flexible payment options gives your clients a wider variety of payments and can pay using a platform that suits them. 


How do I set up online payments?

Step 1 - Ensure that you are on Salon Tracker's Enterprise package

Step 2 - Create a Stripe account - https://dashboard.stripe.com/register

Step 3 - Call us on 0113 350 8230 and we can do the rest. 

Step 4 - Enjoy all the benefits of online payments!


If you would like to make full use of Salon Tracker's online payments feature or just want to find out a bit more information just give us a call on 0113 350 8230 or email us at info@salontracker.co.uk

Salon Tracker x

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