26 October, 2023

Halloween marketing tips.


Halloween Marketing Tips, will it be a trick or treat?

Run competitions/ giveaways

Spread the word about your business and increase your social media presence. Do giveaways for a free tanning course or any service your salon offers and to enter the giveaway ask people to follow your account and share the post or tag friends to enter the giveaway. This is a great way to get your salons name out there and have organic growth from people in the area. 

Seasonal offers

Get your salon involved in the festive seasons, and boost your business by offering seasonal courses and deals. Halloween is just round the corner, which is a great excuse to promote Halloween exclusive deals for your salon, be creative and give current and new customers a Halloween themed deal!

A few ideas for Halloween Tanning + Beauty deals:

- Scary Good Deals

- Pumpkin Spice tan

- Trick or Treat Yourself Package

- Glamour under the Moonlight

           Social Media Brand Identity

Having an online presence on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook is a massive aspect of your salons potential to grow and become a recognisable, popular and a trusted salon in a competitive industry. How do you do this? Well, here are a few steps you can take to increase your salons brand identity:

       Colour scheme- Ensure your salon is themed with no more than 3 colours, you can use your theme with every post you make, salon decorations and your salon logo. This will also make your account feed look visually smooth and neat, remember, nobody likes a messy Instagram feed!

          Consistency- A post a day keeps the competitors away! Posting everyday or even a short story is a great way to increase your social media engagement with potential and current customers, and also improves the personal relationship between you and your customers in and outside the salon. Show off customers results, reviews and what your salon really has to offer!

          Hashtags- Using hashtags can be very advantageous to your business on social media, especially for smaller businesses. Using hashtags that relate to your post and business will increase its reach and will appear on other users feeds who follow the same or related hashtags. You can also start using your own hashtag specifically related to your salon, which you can use every time you post. You can also encourage customers to use it when they share their results online too! This is a great way to grow your online presence organically and grow a community that you can be proud of. #trickortracker


      Salon Tracker Marketing suite

Last but not least, The Salon Tracker marketing suite which comes with our Professional and Enterprise packages, is designed to help your salon grow. From mail chimp integration, customer text templates, review templates for texts/emails and much more there isn’t much that our marketing suite can't do for your marketing needs this Halloween. With it all in one place, there’s less time wasting on separate platforms trying to market to your customers and more time spent on delivering the best service to your customers.

If you are wanting to treat your customers this Halloween then follow the simple steps in this blog or head to the Salon Tracker marketing suite.


If you are not already a customer then what are you waiting for, just call us on 0113 350 8230 or email us info@salontracker.co.uk.

Salon Tracker x

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