23 September, 2021

Health and Safety within your salon and how Salon Tracker can assist you with keeping within the guidelines

Health and Safety guidelines for salons can seem complex at first glance and there is a lot you must consider as the owner of the salon, to maintain a safe working environment. It is essential that staff and customers are safe from harm within the salon if the standards are not met to prevent them from harm the repercussions can be astronomical. Completing continuous risk assessments and establishing a salon health and safety policy will ensure that your staff members are able to carry out their jobs without risk to themselves and clients.

Risk Assessment

It is essential that your salon has a risk assessment in place that is continuously monitored and updated when potential new risks occur. Within a risk assessment you must identify the variety of risks that occur within the workplace and put procedures such as management measures to minimize or eliminate the hazard. If any accidents were to take place due to the hazard not being eliminated you must record the incident and carry out an investigation in line with Health and Safety Executive reporting standards. When procedures and policies are put in place to prevent hazards, they must be documented so that you are able to refer back to them in any necessary given moment.

Age Limitations

Under The Sunbeds Regulations Act 2010 it is an illegal offense for people under the age of 18 to use sunbeds in any facility, meaning that if the client appears to be under the age of 21 or 25, they will be asked to verify that they are 18 or over by showing valid proof of age. The regulations also state that the prescribed health information is provided on an A4 and A3 piece of paper so that clients are reminded each time they enter the salon, this is the only information that should be displayed information such as health effects of sunbeds will not be displayed.

Beauty therapists must protect and promote the welfare of under 16-year-olds therefore it is not recommended to carry out treatments on individuals within this age group. However, you are able to carry out beauty treatments on 16-year-olds but to do so you must oblige by the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.

Keeping your Salon and Staff Members Safe

As a salon owner you have a duty of care to your employees and clients this means that you must consider things such as: personal protective equipment, the correct facilities and equipment for staff to be able to carry out services safely and controlling substances that can be classed as hazardous to health regulations. In order to maintain high standards of care within the work environment it is important to appoint a first aider they will also be in charge of the first aid arrangements within the salon. The welfare of the employees and clients is a high priority within the salon, this means that you must be able to provide them with facilities and other measures to ensure the individuals wellbeing needs are met. The need for insurance within a salon environment is essential as it plays a vital part in protecting you when it comes to legal claims and financial losses that the salon may face.

Health and Safety Policy

If your salon has five or more employees then it is necessary that your salon has a health and safety policy in place, however it is good practice for your salon to have a policy in place with less than five employees. The law states that you must provide training for staff members so that they are able to enforce health and safety legislations as well as the policy you created for your salon.

Using Salon Tracker to Stay Within Health and Safety Guidelines

How can Salon Tracker assist you with maintaining the health and safety standards within your salon? Within the system you are able to store information such as client allergies on their client card you can add this information in as an alert therefore it will appear in a red box when the client’s card is opened, the allergy information can be gathered through consultations and skin tests. Salon Tracker also provides hardware that is able to assist you with health and safety for example; the signature pad allows you to store the customers signature on your agreement within their client card along with a date and time of when it was signed. Another example of how Salon Trackers hardware is able to aid you in staying within the guidelines is through the fingerprint reader in which you are able to identify which client is in the salon through their unique finger print this eliminates the risk of under age individuals using other clients name to access the services in the salon which they are not legally permitted to have.

There are tanning regulations implemented into the system so that you are able to prevent clients from returning to the salon more than once a day you can also prevent underage clients from using the sunbeds. The system also connects with Sigma and T-Max which means that the beds can be controlled from Salon Tracker within this you are also able to control the dress down and cool down periods for the beds which can help to prevent the beds from over heating in your busier time periods.

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