08 December, 2021

Hidden Gems in Salon Tracker!


When it comes to Salon Tracker, many of our features such as the ability to integrate with TMAX and sigma, Stock Control and our online booking features and very popular and well known by our customer. This blog is going to tell you about some of our less popular features or ‘hidden gems’ as we like to call them which will make day to day running of your salon much smoother!



Groups is one of the back ground, and slightly more complex features included in Salon Trackers Professional and Enterprise packages.  This feature allows you to create custom groups for your products, services and customers.


You can use customer groups for things such as NHS and student discounts. All you need to do is create a customer group and then associate a certain discount with any customers who get put in that group. This discount option is separated into retail and booking discount so you can pick and choose what discount to offer. You can then add customers into this group as you please. Customer groups also work well as a way to reward loyal customers. You could have a gold, silver and bronze customer group which customers could work their way through based on number of bookings.


You can also create product groups. Product groups allow you to offer different discounts or require certain deposits for your services. Product groups also allow you to do deals and things such as happy hour easily and efficiently. You can set up your happy hour but setting up a product group with a purchase availability of Monday to Friday for a set hour or so. This will then discount all the services and products you have selected to your happy hour price automatically for the set time before going back to normal pricing after.

Groups can be tricky though so we’d recommend giving one of our support team so we can help set these up for you!

Tube Tracking

A small, but very useful feature which is available for out Salon Tracker tanning salon customers is tube tracking. This feature allows you to monitor the usage of the tubes on your bed. You can see this in the management section of your Salon Tracker when your click on the individual beds. When your beds get retubed you can reset this counter.

Post Delay

Post delay is another smaller feature which can be very useful especially for our hair salon customers. This feature automatically puts a gap between appointments where there is more than one service being done. For example, if a customer books in for a colour and finish and needs 30 minutes for the dye to process, your system will clear the 30-minute gap in your calendar so you can squeeze in another appointment.

Site View Dashboard

Many of our enterprise customers already know and love this feature. The site view dashboard gives you an over view of the entire day, week or month in your salon. You can view this out of the salon on a phone, tablet or computer at any time of the day. This dashboard includes figures such as number of bookings, bookable and retail sales and takings.


Another hidden gem of Salon Tracker is the charts. These are located within the reports section under the ‘charts’ tab at the top. These are available on our professional and above packages and the allow you to have a basic rundown of the year. For example, you can see when you’re busiest and quietist months are using the annual bookings chart and you can also see your annual customer information including things such as average spend by age and the number of new customers per month.


If you would like any more information on any of these features or would like to get booked in for a free demonstration and trial, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0113 350 8230 or email us on info@salontracker.co.uk.


Also, if you’re a Salon Tracker customer don’t forget to enter our Christmas giveaway! Head to @salontrackersoftware on Instagram for all the details.


Salon Tracker x

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