19 September, 2023

How Hiring Apprentices can Benefit your Business

Here at Salon Tracker, we believe in the value that apprentices can add to a business. Many of our staff members have been through or are currently going through a degree apprenticeship through Salon Tracker which has been beneficial to both the individual and the business alike!

Apprentices can be beneficial to all types of businesses, from office environments to beauty salons! In this blog we will explain different ways that apprenticeships can benefit your business.

Government funded training  When you hire an apprentice for your business, you may think that this would come with a lot of costs, but this is where you’re wrong! The government will pay 95% of the costs of an apprenticeship, making it a cost-effective way to produce skilled employees. This means that you will be able to develop the skills in your workforce in order to transform your organisation, at a fraction of the cost of other types of training. 

Diversify your workforce 

Because apprenticeships allow individuals to earn an income while studying their qualification, it is attractive and available for a broader range of people, as not everyone can afford traditional methods of gaining qualifications or be able to study full time. This opens up a wider range of people that you will be able to hire, making your workplace more diversified and bringing in fresh minds with new ideas! 

Training tailored to your business 

Unlike a traditional qualification, an apprenticeship will be tailored to your business, with the apprentice’s off-the-job training being relevant to your needs. This allows the apprentice to understand your organisation in greater depth, which will allow them to exceed in their job role. Research shows that 86% of employers say that apprenticeships have helped to develop skills relevant to their organisation.  

Improved staff retention 

Research shows that 69% of companies reported improved staff retention since hiring apprentices. Generally speaking, apprentices seem to be more loyal to the business and more motivated to learn and implement new skills into the workplace. Giving your employees the chance to learn new skills via an apprenticeship has been shown to increase job satisfaction, which in turn increases staff retention as they are happier in their job. This also decreases the cost of recruiting as you won’t have to do this as often due to retaining staff better. 

Developing new skills in your workforce 

Apprenticeships can help to develop professional skills in your workplace which will increase productivity and improve business performance. The combination of on-the-job and classroom learning enables apprentices to put into practice new skills as they advance, which allows you to develop a more highly skilled workforce even in the short-term, with skills getting more developed throughout the journey of the apprenticeship. This then boosts the talent in your organisation so that employees can make valuable contributions. 

Boost Productivity 

Apprenticeships can be a great help in boosting productivity in the workplace in many ways. When you first hire an apprentice, due to the training that they receive, the minimum wage is lower, which can make this a cost-effective way to increase the number of employees in your business, allowing an improvement in productivity for lower costs. Also, as apprentices progress through their course, the skills that they develop will be implemented into your business and they will be able to work more efficiently and to a higher standard, increasing the productivity per employee. There is supporting research which shows that 78% of businesses found that their productivity improved after hiring apprentices and 74% saying that apprenticeships have helped to improve the quality of their product or service. 


But don’t just take our word for it; this is what some of our past and present apprentices have to say: 

Elyse: I am currently starting the 2nd year of my apprenticeship here at Salon Tracker and, so far, I have really enjoyed it. The apprenticeship has made me feel more confident at work and has allowed me to contribute new ideas backed up by things I’ve learnt. 

Leah: “I finished my apprenticeship with Salon Tracker a few years ago and found that it has helped me a lot with progressing in the business up to my role as head of sales and marketing. The apprenticeship has greatly developed my understanding of business and allowed me to excel in my position and bring in new ideas. 

Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular in many types of businesses, why not consider it for yours? 

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