10 June, 2021

How Our Salon Software Helps to Save Time and Improve Organisation After Reopening

Hi everyone, hope you’ve all been keeping well and have had busy businesses since you have been able to reopen! It’s been almost 2 months since England salons were finally able to open their doors again, and around a month since our salons across the rest of the UK and Ireland were able to too. We would love to hear how you are getting on and how business has been for you, I know for many of our clients we’ve had the pleasure of catching up with you again over the past few months, and it’s been great to finally be able to help you to boost new services and get your businesses back out there!

Throughout the time you had to be closed, lots of you managed to still generate some sales by offering retail products through online delivery services, online zoom consultations & tutorials and also some of you even managed to put together some D.I.Y home treatment packs to be delivered to clients. All fantastic ideas and a great way to keep engaged with your customers throughout the time that you were closed. However, not only that, this now provides a great reason to re-engage with those clients and get back in touch, to remind them of how great the home treatments were and how nice it will be now they are able to experience this at the salon.

If you have our salon software, and if you recorded the sales of the home kits and products through the system, you are able to use our marketing filters to track which clients purchased those, in order to reach out and market to the relevant people. There are also lots of pre-filtered messages within our SMS marketing suite, which will help you to get started with your message. However, you can also create your own marketing campaign, which if you require a little bit of extra help with that, our marketing team are only a phone call away to give you a few expert tips with this!

For salon managers, especially throughout the lockdown, we received a lot of feedback about how it would be easier if you were able to make and update bookings from your smartphones. So last Summer, we actually introduced ‘editable Siteview’ that now provides the functionality for owners and employees to be able to add, edit and update appointments from within our Siteview app, wherever they are. This helped so much for home-working throughout the salon closures, however also now provides flexible working for all staff, as they are able to access and amend their calendars from anywhere, 24/7! Our app also provides the ability for salon owners to be able to view their reports and keep track of the salon, whilst at home or away, to ensure business is still performing in their absence.

We also made a lot of amendments to our online booking system, allowing for adequate cleaning time following appointments, in which this is applied to all online bookings automatically, managing this process for the salon employees. Our online booking also incorporates online registration, meaning clients can input their details through a secure link online and this will automatically synchronise to the salon database within the system, so paper client cards are no longer necessary. This is not only covid-secure (as it means lots of employees aren’t all handling the same paperwork) it also means that all client details are stored within one main system, which is much easier to access and saves time instead of searching through lots of documents.

As many salon businesses move away from allowing walk-in appointments for now, by using our online booking app, this stops overcrowding at the front desk and also saves on reception duties, as less clients will be phoning the salon to make an appointment.

Having a salon software programme not only improves management and organisation within the salon, it also saves on time and the paperwork involved with administrative tasks, which these are made so much simpler with our system.

Our system also integrates with a full POS system, to allow for seamless transactions and stock control, to track the sales of retail products. Plus, if you are a tanning or vibro salon, we are able to link with your equipment timers, to ensure accurate tracking of services used. Not only that, we can make sure your clients are using the equipment as safely as possible, as we have inbuilt service rules to ensure clients are advised on the current laws and the system ensures all regulations are abided by at all times. For hair and beauty salons, we are able to add your disclaimer digitally on registration, apply a product for patch testing and ensure the relevant development time is applied to colour treatments online!

If you are finding that you could use a helping hand with the managing of your salons busy schedule since reopening, we offer a FREE 2-week trial of Salon Tracker, for you to be able to try out our system before you make any decisions.

If you’d like to register your interest for a trial, simply head to www.salontracker.co.uk/freetrial.aspx and fill out your details, or call 0113 350 8230 and speak to a member of our sales team.

We look forward to working with you soon and are so glad to be back helping all of our clients!

Salon Tracker x

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