20 October, 2020

How Salon Tracker Specialises in Multi-Site Salon Management

Are you the owner of a multi-site salon business, and are looking for a software system to help you with the management of your salon chain? Our software specialises in the organisation of multi-site salon companies, and therefore we have outlined our main features below that may benefit you, by investing in your own Salon Tracker system.


Providing the ability for you to oversee all business locations from one machine, anywhere in the world. Whether you have a main office, work from home or find yourself travelling a lot, we all know that multi-site salon owners have a busy schedule and it can be very hard for you to monitor all locations regularly, without being present at the sites themselves. So, we have introduced the ability to oversee and impersonate each site with our Salon Tracker HQ system. From overseeing staff shift-times to tracking KPI’s and stock, everything you need to know about your businesses can be accessed through our HQ.

We have then simplified this further, with our ‘Siteview app’. This provides a live dashboard, access to daily reports and also the calendars of each site, so you can easily access these main aspects of your business from your mobile phone or tablet, when on the move. Salon employees can also have access to their individual calendars from their phones, in order to plan their schedules without having to be at the salon location itself.

Online Booking/Online Registration

Especially since the Covid-19 lockdown, the demand and requirement for Online Booking and Self-Registration has really increased due to new social distancing regulations. However, this has always been a really beneficial feature for our multi-site salons, as it provides clients to be able to take control of their bookings, 24/7, without salons needing extra staff members to handle booking requests. With Salon Tracker, our system does this for you, saving you and your employees time by saving you resources! Your online registration form can be customised to include certain fields that you may require, dependant on your type of salon; and your salons terms and conditions can also be implemented, to ensure that these are agreed to electronically before a client is then registered in to your database. We implement the online registration and booking on to your website, Facebook page and also offer you this as an app, making the whole process simple for you and your clients!

Share Client Data

For those of you that have a large client base and have a lot of salons in a few local areas, you may wish to offer the option for your customers to use your services at multiple locations. We offer the ability to share your client data across all locations, so say they have a salon close to home and then another salon that is close to where they work, for example; they then have the option to book and use services at both sites without having to re-register.

Marketing (SMS/Email)

Similarly, with a large client database, whether you decide to share your clients details at all sites, or keep it to individual locations; with our HQ feature, your salon marketing team can still communicate messages to all clients from the main headquarters machine. Using the HQ, you can identify a list of all clients, or split this site by site. Meaning that if you need to send site-specific promotions or whether this is an overall company campaign, you are able to do both either way from one main system.


Business reports and KPI tracking is really important for any business, but especially with a multi-site, as the data is so extensive. You also may want to know information such as, how well a site is performing against another, your peak and quiet trading times, what your best-selling products are, and so on. So, with the Salon Tracker HQ you are able to view all reports site by site, or as a whole, in order to see how the company is performing overall; and to also compare site by site. We also integrate with Microsoft’s Power BI software, to provide the ability for you to be able to analyse your data in further detail, such as based on geographical area, age range and so on.

Stock Control

Delegating retail products between sites and tracking the sales of these can be a really lengthy task if this has to be done manually. With Salon Tracker, we provide a smart stock control system, that monitors and tracks all the retail sales and stock usage for you, making the management of your stock so much simpler. By having a universal system, this not only improves efficiency within the salons, it saves you time and improves accuracy, by eliminating the chance of human error or anomalies for if you were to use different methods per site. Stock control and stock level reports can also be pulled from the HQ for all sites, meaning you always have a clear understanding of stock levels at each site and the monetary value of this.

Security/Staff Management

Ensuring the security of your business at multiple locations can be a quite a strenuous task, especially when you can’t be at each location at once. Our system ensures the same level of security and punctuality is being applied at all salons. Through biometrics, by integrating with a fingerprint reader, we can track staff start and finish times, as they clock in and out with their fingerprint. A benefit to this being that other staff members can’t cover lateness, as a fingerprint is unique to any one person. This same level of security applies for customers, as you can save a customer’s fingerprint to their client card, meaning that you can ensure the client is who they say they are before allowing them to have treatments with age-restrictions. For example, sunbeds or laser treatments.

Flexible working

We earlier mentioned that you can share client data across all salon locations; you can also do the same with staff! This being a great tool if you have staff that cover shifts at multiple locations. Shift reports can then be pulled from the main headquarters machine, in order for working hours to be tracked that week for each employee, no matter which location. Salon employees can also have access to the Siteview app, in which this allows them to add, edit, update and cancel any appointments that they need to make within their own column, which is extremely useful if they need to work from home for a day, or need to alter a few appointments whilst on the move.

Universal Branding

By implementing a salon software system at all locations, you keep the brands booking systems consistent across all sites, which means you are aware that the quality and working operations remains the same at all locations. This also is a great tool if you operate as a franchise, where you want the brands aesthetics and equipment to look and remain the same, even if you don’t necessarily run that site yourself.

Free trial?

Interested in anything we’ve talked about today and think this could benefit you? Why not have yourself a free trial of Salon Tracker? This is a no-obligation, fortnight trial that gives you a great insight in to how our system could work for you, before you decide to sign up to a package! Simply enquire for your trial at www.salontracker.co.uk/freetrial or call 0113 350 8230 to speak to a member of our team.

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