07 November, 2023

How Salon Tracker's online features can help your Salon!

On Salon Tracker’s Enterprise package, we have a range of online features that can help you build profits, win customers and grow your business. In this blog we will discuss the features we can offer you.

Online booking:

Salon Tracker's online bookings page allows your customers to log in using an email and pin to view and create their booking anytime, anywhere, any place. Research shows that over 36% of our customers' online bookings were made out of their salon's opening hours. By having customers log in using their email and pin, connects their online booking account to their customer card within Salon Tracker. This keeps all of their booking history, no matter if they were made in store or online, in one place. We can EVEN customise your online booking page with your salon logo and colour scheme to match your salon aesthetic.

Online Payments:

One of Salon Tracker’s newest and highly used online features is online payments. This gives your salon the opportunity to take deposits or full payment amounts through your online page. Taking deposits for online bookings reduces the likelihood of customer no shows as they have already partially paid. Also, by giving customers the ability to purchase services such as tanning courses and eyebrow waxes, your salon could be making a profit whilst you enjoy a good night's sleep.


Siteview, which is also known as homeview, gives you the ability to keep up with the activities of your salon from anywhere in the world whether you’re in sunny Jamaica or at home with the kids.

The dashboard feature gives you the ability to quickly keep up with what’s going on at your salon by showing you things such as overall takings and the amount of customers who have visited that day.

Siteview also gives you the opportunity to view all of your customer details, calendars and all of your business reports that you get on Salon Tracker.

This is available as a weblink or downloadable app.

Online data sync:

Salon Tracker's Enterprise package also gives you online backups. This means that all of  your Salon Tracker data is stored safely in the cloud, meaning that if anything were to happen to your salon PC we can just download your information to another one.

If you would like any more information on any our Salon Tracker features, do not hesitate to get in contact on either 0113 350 8230 or info@salontracker.co.uk.

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