28 May, 2024

How to convert a walk-in customer to a loyal client!

A question at the forefront of salon owner’s minds is how do you add value to ensure a loyal client?’ 

There are several marketing strategies that your salon can use to get people through your door, but what's important is making sure they come through it again. This means retaining the volume of new customers you get in the salon as a result of the better marketing, salon renovations, offers or whatever it is that your doing to get fresh friendly faces in your salon. 

 With the power of social media and Salon Tracker's SMS and email marketing feature  

A main aspect of running a business is running the hype of your business. If you cannot shout about your offers and promotions then how can you expect others to? 

Besides the techniques such as refer a friend schemes and new customer loyalty vouchers, here are a few friendly pointers to remember when consolidating your message with clients… 

• Personalise messages- Entering a customer’s name into an email is more likely to increase click through rates and loyalty, get this information by capturing as much client data as possible with Salon Trackers customer information cards. Our software provides a great marketing feature enabling you to tailor your marketing messages to a various customer types in your salon. Turn those once in a while customers to consistent visitors by using the SMS and marketing feature to draw them in with exclusive deals or loyalty schemes which can be promote using SMS or email marketing.

• Be consistent- Emails and texts should go out to customers on a consistent basis, whether its once a month or once a week ensure there is a structure to your marketing. Of course not everyone takes advantage of the deal or promotion in the message but customers will take a mental note that you do have consistent marketing promotions and deals available should they want to use them as customer loyalty is created by heightened familiarity. 

• Use client purchase history- Marketing products to a client’s purchase history is a brilliant way of utilizing information as you know at some point or another they have expressed interest in this product. Research has shown that emails are more likely to be read if they are of relevance to the reader, so make content informative through a friendly tone. 

 • Aesthetics- Well-chosen imagery, logos and colour enormously enhances a messages impact by distinguishing your company from competitors and making it pleasing on the eye, get set up on our enterprise package to have your online booking web page with complete customised colours and logos for your salon implemented on the site.

 • Short and Sweet- Due to the high popularity of short form content and an increase in low attention spans, do not overload your messages and email, keep them short and straight to the point, include emojis, bold lettering and enticing titles to stand out.

 • Undertaking a loyalty scheme- providing new customers with discount vouchers encourage customers to return frequently to get that ‘tenth tan FREE!’

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