14 October, 2020

How to market your salon during the Halloween period with the circumstances which is Covid-19

This year has been extremely different for everyone, from how we carry out our daily activities to attending the shops and salons. It has also changed how we are able to spend our beloved holidays, including Halloween, the festival second to the Christmas holiday season. There are still certain restrictions in place which prevent us from attending Halloween events, such as parties and this means that people aren’t attending appointments to have their makeup done for the evening events - therefore there may not be a Halloween rush as large as last years. To prevent these restrictions from affecting your business, it is essential that you market other options to your clients and keep them up to date with any changes in regards to what services you are able to carry out, or if you have to close temporarily. Whether you have our Salon software or not, the ideas listed below will be relevant and worth a try!

In order to maintain functional operation of the salon it is important that the ambience within the salon is high priority, as it can help prompt consumer buying habits. Due to all the distress of the current situation which is Covid-19, doing a good dead such as offering free retail products or when it is Halloween, all employees could wear fancy dress, to lift the spirits of the customers to help create an uplifting atmosphere. Focus on window decorations, make sure there is a theme behind each one and this will ensure that clients are aware you are still able to offer Halloween treatments that oblige by the current legislations.

Offering exclusive offers just for Halloween is another way to promote your business during these difficult times. Promoting these products and services allows you to maximize your salon and its assets, an example could be promoting longer lasting treatments such as facials, manicures, eyelash treatments and many more. Instead of prompting Halloween nail art, you should promote autumnal artwork and colours as these are longer lasting because they apply to more than just one day.

Another technique to marketing your salon during the Halloween season should be to upsell retail products, as all salons and high street stores will be competing to sell out their remaining Halloween products. How can you make your salon stand out? A fantastic idea would be to market your products in a more visual way, as we say “a picture paints a thousand words”. An example of this would be to create a photo book showing the Halloween services you have carried out through the years and list the retail products that were used within this treatment.

Display tables are another crucial aspect in promoting your salon, arrange these so that they show the retail products and gift packages that you offer and surround them with Halloween accessories. The way you decorate your display tables is important, it must have a theme that is carried throughout.

Social media is the main tool to promoting anything that happens within your salon, an idea could be to do a raffle were the winner receives a free treatment of their choice and where all the money is donated to a charity that is suffering during these horrible times. Communicate with your clients show them the decorations and offers that you have in place!

If you’re looking for a software to help you manage your business this festive season don’t hesitate to contact us on 0113 350 8230 and we will be happy to assist.

Make the most of this year!

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