18 April, 2023

How using Salon Tracker's Online Services can Benefit your Salon!

As summer fast approaches, here at  Salon Tracker we know that this means busy season is close for our customers. In this blog we are going to talk about how using the online services available in our enterprise package can help you and your salon business, especially in these upcoming months.


Open 24/7

One of the major benefits of offering online services such as online booking and online payments is that your customers aren’t limited to your salons opening hours when it comes to booking appointments and paying for services. When it comes to our customers who use our online booking feature, 36% of all of their online bookings are made out of their salons opening hours. This means that if they didn’t have this feature, they would lose out on 36% of their bookings. Our online payment feature also allows your customers to buy services out of your salons opening hours meaning your salon is bringing in a profit even when you’re shut.

Reduces Waiting time in the Salon

Another benefit of using our online services for your salon is that they can help reduce your customers' waiting time in the salon drastically. For example, if you’re a tanning salon or a nail salon who predominantly offer walk in appointments, offering your customers online booking will mean that they won’t need to just show up and wait for an appointment, they can choose a time which works for them and will know that they won’t need to wait once they get there.

Cloud Backup

One major benefit of using our Enterprise package is that all of your salon/customer data is backed up to the cloud. This means that every time your Salon Tracker syncs to the internet, this goes to the cloud. Due to this if your salon unfortunately gets into a situation where your PC breaks, gets damaged or even stolen, you won’t need to worry about losing any information on your software. All we will need to do is connect to your new PC and then redownload all of your Salon Tracker information onto there. Having all your data backed up to the cloud also means that you don’t have to back it up locally to your PC, saving space on your disk.


If you’re interested in getting booked in for a look at these services in a FREE demonstration of our system please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0113 350 8230 or emailing us on info@salontracker.co.uk .


If you’re an existing customer and are wanting more information about potentially upgrading your Salon Tracker package to our Enterprise package, again please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0113 350 8230 or emailing us on info@salontracker.co.uk .


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