19 August, 2020

It's been a year!

It has been a very different year to say the least!

I’m sure I have had the pleasure of speaking to the majority of our clients, If you haven’t spoken to me yet… I’m Halle. I am part of the marketing and sales team at Salon Tracker Software.

I started working at Salon Tracker at the start of August this tends to be our more off-peak season which meant that my first few weeks were focused on learning the software and all aspects of the job. When I first started at Salon Tracker, I found it very difficult to build my confidence which is a natural thing when starting a new job role, I would always double check with my colleagues before answering client’s questions. However, a month down the line I was able to confidently answer client’s questions without questioning myself. Confidence is key and now that mine had been built I was able to take on more responsibilities. I also built my courage through dealing with a variety of different tasks and by the end of the year I was able to carry out my day to day responsibilities without any hesitation.

After time passed, I became more confident therefore I was able to carry out complex tasks independently. An example of this is the education project that I was given responsibility over, I started from scratch and created all the tools and brochures that I needed in order to expand Salon Trackers clientele to the educational sector. I took on meetings with multiple staff members from a variety of colleges and began to develop my knowledge on how the software can be tailored to the educational sector. From these meetings i developed further knowledge on how to deal with our new clientele and what information they needed to know at which stage throughout the process of setting up the software.

I then started to work closely with my manager and fellow colleague to create new and edit already existing brochures. Myself and Naomi began the task of recreating the Salon Tracker Main Brochure which is sent out to all potential clients, this was a very difficult task at first. Once we completed and reviewed the changes both together and independently it became easier to notice the errors that were made and what action was required to correct these.

I also took on the role of creating multiple users guides for specifics features such as our site view and online booking applications as well as creating an overall user guide of the software. Within these user guides there are images and arrows on each page describing and showing the clients how to carry out specific tasks. This idea was an original and came to me when I spoke to customers who struggled with the software and how to carry out daily tasks therefore, I created the user help guides to assist clients with the functionality of the software.

Overall, the past year has been quite enjoyable. Despite everything that I have previously learnt I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge of new things. I am loving getting to know are existing and new clients. I have many projects planned for the near future so keep tuned to see what the Salon Tracker team is up to over the coming year.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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