26 May, 2022

Keep your salon secure with Salon Tracker

Keeping salon secure in the digital world can be quite overwhelming, but don’t worry that’s where we step in! Salon Tracker is designed with plenty of secure features to keep your salon data safe at all times, here’s what we can do to help you…

User logins

On our Professional and Enterprise packages, you can create different user logins for each of your staff members, which can be protected by a password and/or a fingerprint. This is perfect for being able to monitor each employee’s performance and what they are accessing on the system. As each event is tracked within Salon Tracker, you can keep track of takings and how the system is being used by your employees, which is great if you’re ever not in the Salon.

With each account, you are able to set permissions as to what the staff member can access, this helps to keep certain parts of your software more privatised, such as monetary reports and admin changes.


Having different user logins works hand in hand with our reports, in particular those such as our Action Log report and our sales by staff reports. The action log report includes a list of every event that happens on the system with the time range selected. For example, this could be anything from a transaction being made to a client card being edited or viewed.

Our other reports such as Booking Sales by Staff and Retail Sales by Staff allow you to see exactly what transactions have been processed through the system by each individual staff member. Additionally, you will be able to see if any discount has been applied to the transaction, so you would be able to see clearly if an employee was overusing the discount feature.

Auto Lockout

To ensure that the system isn’t left open unattended, we also have the auto lockout feature. Using this, you can set the system to lock after a certain time period. A user will then need to log back into the system with either their password or fingerprint before it can be accessed again. This feature is great for peace of mind in busy sales where there might not always be a member of staff at the reception desk.


Along with the fingerprint being usable for staff members, it can also be used for customers to identify their accounts with. When they initially register with your shop, there’s an option to record their fingerprint and store it again their account. This helps to reduce the risk of a customer pretending to be someone else, as the fingerprint would identify the customer for you! An added non-security benefit is that it helps to reduce waiting times as the fingerprint finds the customer much quicker than you having to type in the customer’s name in, which is perfect for your busy seasons!

Secure ID

Our fingerprint technology can also be used alongside our secure ID feature, which is used for customers to protect their account and any pre-paid services. When you confirm a booking with secure ID turned on, the customer will need to present the matching fingerprint in order for the booking to be confirmed. Alternatively, you can also use a 4-digit pin number or a barcode to confirm the booking. Secure ID can be applied to specific services, for example for a tanning salon you may only want this applied to courses.


For those of you that are tanning salon owners, you may run your Timer manager through our Salon Tracker software. When this is connected it means that minutes can’t be manually confirmed through the Timer manager itself. This increases security within your salon as you know that any minutes that have been confirmed onto the bed have been put through the system and this can be tracked in the action log.

GDPR Privacy

With GDRP laws being introduced in 2018, we made slight adjustments to the software to incorporate this into our system to make sure you and your salon were following all the new rules. For example, customer details will be hidden from staff members and if they are viewed this will be logged in the action log for you to see.


These are just a few insights into how our Salon Tracker software can help keep your salon secure and safe! If you have any questions about any of the features we have mentioned or want to get these setup with your Salon Tracker, please give us a call on 0113 350 8230 or drop an email to info@salontracker.co.uk and we will be happy to help!

Salon Tracker x

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