28 September, 2023

Key Things to Consider when Opening a Salon

When starting a salon there are a lot of things to consider before opening shop. Things like how you want to come across to your customers, how you want to spread the word about your salon through marketing, the feel of your salon interior, what staff you are wanting to hire, and keeping up to date with bookings. This blog will talk through some of these things that are important to mull over before opening.

Clear Vision

It’s important, when opening a salon, that you have a clear idea of what you’re wanting within the salon. What is your USP? Maybe it could be that your salon is eco-friendly, or that you specialise in treatments for special occasions such as weddings. Maybe that your tanning treatments are super safe and have looked into avoiding the dangers of UV exposure. Or maybe you already know what your USP is… that’s great! 

Branding & Marketing

Branding & Marketing is also a key way to engage with your customers. A striking brand with bold colours can attract customers and marketing is also key to keep customers up to date with offers you have on within the salon and to let customers know about their upcoming appointments. With our Salon Tracker software we offer a marketing suite with marketing suggestions as well as an option to customise your own, if you so wish.

Ambience and Atmosphere

Customers come into a salon for an experience, so thinking ahead about how the atmosphere is within your salon is crucial. For example, having the right colour scheme within the salon interior, having comfortable chairs, and ensuring that customers feel relaxed and enjoy their time in your salon, making them want to keep coming back for more.

Staff and Hiring

Having professional and well-trained staff is also beneficial to your salon as it ensures the treatments that your customers have will be done by professionals and you will have no stress or any issues with the appointments. However, if you are planning on training staff then it is important to think about how to manage your time for this before opening your salon. At Salon Tracker we offer free staff training, so you can tick that one off your list!

Staying organised

Finally, an important part of opening a salon is keeping on top of your bookings and staying organised. With our Salon Tracker software we make this step super easy! Features in our software such as the bookings tab include a calendar view so you can easily see your bookings, and our software can store the customer’s information within the database to make it easy to book them in for the future.

I hope that this blog has helped you with a few things that are necessary when opening a salon, and has given you some ideas for what you could do if you decide to open one.

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