26 October, 2022

Last Minute Halloween Lookbook!


Halloween is nearing, have you got your costume ready? You don’t? No need to stress, we have it covered.

I think we can all agree that 2022 has been a hectic year, but we are here to make your Halloween as relaxing and stress free as possible. We have some easy Halloween looks for you that take minutes to pull together but look like they took all year to plan.

Looking for a stress-free Halloween outfit? Just grab a red top or blazer with some red horns and you'll have the perfect Devil costume. You can even add some red eye shadow and lipstick, or a splash of fake blood to really pull the outfit together. Who says Halloween can't be scary yet stylish!

If you want a costume for you and your furry friend, we have a great idea. Just grab a couple of old bed sheets, cut a whole for your eyes and nose and become a scary ghoul.

Makeup is everything this Halloween and it can really pull a costume together, so why not make it the main part. Some red and black eye makeup is all you need to create this flawless vampire look. 


Not wanting to go solo this Halloween? Here is a costume idea for you and all of your friends. Who says Halloween has to be so scary, just pop on a cowgirl hat and YEEHA!

Back to basics! Why not stick to the classics with this simple witch outfit. All you'll need is that black dress and a witch hat hidden at the back of your closet. 

Have you got nowhere to wear that black-tie suit that you bought years ago? Here's an idea, grab some black and white face paint and be a creepy skeleton this Halloween. This is a perfect costume for everyone, it never gets old!

These 6 simple and easy to do looks will transform your Halloween from tiresome to terrifying. We hope that these costumes have given you some great ideas for your spooky season. We would love to see the costumes that you guys have put together, be sure to DM us your Halloween pictures on Instagram @salontrackersoftware

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