01 March, 2024

Level up your business with online bookings

Want to make instant bookings, reduce no shows and make money outside of your salon hours? Well this blog will discuss how our online booking system can do all of that plus more!

Feature of the month-

Level up your business with online bookings

In the tanning industry, timing is everything. Making bookings and boosting revenue beyond regular salon hours is the brilliance of online bookings. With this feature, your tanning salon can continue to thrive and shine, catering to clients whenever they crave that golden glow that your shop can provide them.


Harness the power of social media to enhance your tanning salon's success. By seamlessly integrating our customised booking link into your social media, you're creating a direct pathway for clients to schedule their next bronzing session as they scroll their favourite platforms. By linking your online booking it effortlessly connects your online following and customers to real-time bookings.


Life is fast-paced, and your clients are always on the move. Online bookings allow them to schedule their tanning sessions on the go anytime, anywhere. They can be the first to book their favourite bed before they get off work with a click of a button. Convenience at its golden best!

Avoid the fade-out caused by no-shows. Implement deposit payments to ensure commitment. A small deposit not only minimizes the chances of last-minute cancellations but also keeps your tanning beds occupied and profitable.

How does this work?

Once you're assigned to the Enterprise package we will create your custom online booking site using your salon theme colours, logo and all your salon services. Your customers can register in store or online and create their 4 digit pin to log in and book from their phone. 

So there it is! Embrace round-the-clock availability, leverage the power of social media, cater to your on-the-go clients, and bid farewell to no-shows which is all included in our Enterprise package (£90+VAT per month), call 0113 350 8230 to either upgrade or start today. 

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