04 July, 2023

My First Year!



I’m sure I have had the pleasure of speaking to the majority of our clients, if you haven’t spoken to me yet… I’m Mia. I am part of the support team here at Salon Tracker Software.

I started working at Salon Tracker in June 2022 and began learning how the software works. Once I was comfortable with the system and understood it I began looking into the support side of Salon Tracker.

A typical day in my life consists of answering your support calls and helping out with any queries that you may have and also going through tickets we have taken from you with things such as feature requests and seeing if these requests are something we can add.

As the software is always being updated one large part of my role is to conduct testing on any of the new versions of Salon Tracker to make sure everything is running correctly before we set this live for our customers.

As well as supporting our customers with their software needs, I also have a role in setting up PC’s that customers have bought from us and also connecting any other hardware, such as Cash Drawers, Fingerprint Readers and more for our customers in their salons.

As well as that I am also studying at Sheffield Hallam University to complete a Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship , which Salon Tracker has given me the opportunity to complete alongside working. Completing this degree whilst working at the same time has given me the opportunity to take skills that I have learnt at University and put them into practice at work. 

In the future I am hoping to develop my knowledge more in the support side of Salon Tracker so I can learn the more technical side of the system as this is an area which interests me most due to it being a bit more complex.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my first year at Salon Tracker.  I have enjoyed getting to know the system and speaking to the new and existing customers. The team have been extremely helpful in terms of helping me settling in and helping me answer any questions I have had. We have many projects planned for the near future so keep tuned and see what the Salon Tracker team is going to be up to over the coming year. I look forward to speaking to you in the future!

Mia x

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