18 June, 2024

Our Favourite Tanning Creams!

 It’s that time of year when busy season in tanning salons is underway and we thought what better to write this week’s blog around than our favourite tanning accelerators. It’s no secret that the best way to tan using sunbeds is with a cream so we spoke to our friends at BLISS and also a few members of the Salon Tracker team to discuss their favourite tanning creams and this is what they said.

We spoke to Mark over at Bliss to see what are this seasons must have tanning creams. Bliss LTD is the ultimate ‘one stop shop’ for everything tanning related in the UK and are the leaders in everything from UV lotions to all other tanning accessories.

One range that Mark mentioned was their ‘bestselling line to date’ was the Pro Tan Beaches and Crème range. This range has many different types of tanning lotion to suit all tanners no matter what their skin type. This makes it the perfect range for all sorts of salons to make sure all types of customer needs are met!

One favourite for Ellis, our senior accounts executive, is the Fiesta Sun ‘Pure Grapeness’.  Ellis has tried many different tanning lotions, many of which had great results but this one stands out due to the incredible smell. All of us in the office can attest to this smelling great as she often returns to the office after her lunchtime sunbed!

Mia, one of our business executives here at Salon Tracker, says her favourite is the trusty White 2 Bronze Pomegranate. This is another product which has a really nice smell and also helps you get a deeper tan much quicker than if you were to forgo a cream. This has been a firm favourite of Mia’s for years and no matter what other creams she tries she always seems to go back to this one!

 For some more information on the creams mentioned in this blog or for some expert advice visit Bliss’ website www.blissdirect.co.uk

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