18 August, 2022

Our New Website!

You may have noticed that we have completely redesigned our website - Salon Tracker to a brand new, more modernise & more accessible channel.

We decided that after a long while of the website being the same website we designed over 5 years ago that it was time for a new one with much more features and a lot of adjustments.

Some of our biggest changes are:

 A whole new help section 

We've added a convenient help section to our website to help our customers navigate the software easily. Search for a specific key word in our help search bar such as 'TMAX' and it will come up with a range of help guides to help you navigate any issues you may be having. You can also access our big range of help videos & our live chat for any queries.

- A much improved Blog Page

Our blog page has had a complete makeover! We've added a search function so you can find exactly what you are looking for without having to scroll through each and every blog. Additional to this, we've added a 'filter' option so you can find multiple blogs that all fit under the same topic, giving you lots of insightful ideas that you can apply to your Salon life.

Updated Testimonials

Our lovely clients have been kind enough to leave us some excellent reviews on our Facebook page and google so we've gathered them together and added them to a section of our website so you can easily find what real people have to say about Salon Tracker in their Salon!

If you're one of our clients and would like to leave us a review you can click on either of the below links to do so - we really appreciate hearing from you!

Leave a review on Google 

Leave a review on Facebook

- A section dedicated to our Upcoming Events 

Since Covid, we have taken most opportunities to attend a trade show as we love showcasing our new features and meeting lots of new people at the events. We understand as Salon Owners yourselves, it is also great to attend trade shows so you can get ideas off other industry professionals and network your tips and tricks too. This is why we have created this section of the website so you can easily find when the next event is and book your tickets in advance!

We hope you enjoy the new layout of our website, if you do have any feedback we're always open to hearing it! You can email info@salontracker.co.uk or call us on 0113 350 8230.

Salon Tracker x 

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