07 July, 2022

Our different packages

 Our different packages 

At Salon Tracker we aim to make a day in your salon as stress free as possible with our packages. Our standard, professional and enterprise packages all help manage your salon in the best way possible with all the features included.

Here are some of the features we are offering in our professional package:

SMS Booking reminders and No-show booking alerts

Sending reminders to customers is proven to reduce no shows and who doesn’t want that? Having the reminders sent out is a way to have proof of the booking, but also an agreement. A clear message of the time and date reduces miscommunication between salon and customer and the chance of the booking to be forgotten. The No show booking alerts help manage bookings and see which customers have the most no shows, so the salon has the opportunity to send extra alerts to those customers.

Stock Management

Managing stock is very important in a salon, knowing what stock you have and what you have sold is part of managing a business. Through stock management you can also input the trade and retail price of a product, making it much easier to track profit and your best-selling items. This helps you understand what your customers want to buy so you can provide the desired products, and in turn sell more and make more profit.

Here are some of the features in our enterprise package:

Online bookings

Getting all the bookings available for your salons is very important to us, and the online booking feature will do just that. This feature means you can take bookings whenever and wherever, this is important as many people can’t get into salons to book, but if booking online is available people will be more likely to book because of the convince of it. Also, online bookings increase the number of new customers, the easier it is to book, the more likely people are to book.

Custom business reports

This feature makes analysing your data so much easier with our custom business reports which are located under reports. These reports show all sales, discounts, and refunds within the selected time period that have been made by a staff member, as well as more custom reports for example when you’re busiest and quietest months are using the annual booking chart. Through this you can make sale predictions and also track the growth of your business.


These features make managing a business a lot easier, our professional and enterprise packages are ideal for growing and successful businesses.

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