12 January, 2022

Q & A - Hair and Beauty Special!

We know we specialise in Tanning, but did you know we also specialise in Hair & Beauty too? All your questions answered!

Can you view the salon calendar from home?

Yes, salon owners and employees are all able to view the salon calendar and reports from home and when on the move, using our Siteview app. Appointments can also be added and edited within this application. This is available on our Enterprise software package.

Can you take deposits/online payments?

We can yes, these can be taken both in the salon and online using our Stripe integration. We also integrate with Klarna payments. Online payments however are only available on our Enterprise package.

Can you market to your clients?

Our system has a full marketing suite built in, where both SMS and email marketing campaigns can be sent to clients. We currently have a direct integration with Mailchimp for emails, where we also have micro-marketing filters to target a range of customer groups.

Can you offer commissions?

Yes, we can, these can be set at a global level for the salon as a whole, or individual level per therapist or specifically based on a service sold.

How do you reduce no-shows?

We currently have SMS appointment reminders that get sent to the client 24 hours before an appointment and also our deposits feature, which both of these have significantly helped to reduce no shows.

Do you link with Payment terminals?

Yes, we currently link with Dojo payments for a seamless payment solution. We can provide more information on that for our clients.

Can you register patch testing?

Yes, this can be added on the customer client card as an alert and can also be recorded as a booking too to show when the patch test was carried out.

Do you offer appointment reminders?

Yes, we currently offer automated SMS appointment reminders, these can be sent out either 24 hours before, 48 hours or the week before depending on the client’s preference!

Do you offer disclaimer forms?

Yes, we do we currently offer disclaimers that can be signed using our electronic signature pad or can be agreed to online when the client fills out the online registration form.

Can clients book online?

Yes, clients are able to make appointments online through your own salon-branded web app, where appointments will link straight directly in to your calendar at the salon.

How do you represent development time?

Development time can be set up through a feature called ‘post-delay’ where we can allocate a certain amount of time for development to be added to each booking, in which this is also then taken in to account with online bookings too.

Can you handle stock takes?

A full stock control system is built in to the software so all stock is depleted automatically when retail products are sold. You are also able to organise stock from HQ to site locations using the same feature.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Our system is fully GDPR compliant and client details are protected by a privacy screen. Should these need to be viewed for an appointment, this is logged in an event and on a report. Fingerprints and biometric data are all also stored securely.

Can you manage a multi-site salon chain?

We currently specialise in multisite management and also offer a headquarters system, where every site location can be viewed from one main head office machine. Client data and products can also be shared and accessed across multiple sites.

What would you do in the event of another lockdown?

Over the last two lockdowns we froze all payments and subscriptions whilst our industry had to close. Should there be another lockdown, our clients have peace of mind that we will always freeze payments and our support will always be available.

Should you wish to trial Salon Tracker, head to https://www.salontracker.co.uk/FreeTrial.aspx and submit your details for your free 2 week try of our software!

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