25 June, 2024

Remote Assistance and Support guide

Salon Tracker- Remote Assistance and Support guide

This blog will take you through the quickest way to access remote assist, a key factor in the software to allow us to efficiently assist you, as well as other helpful features you may not know about.


Connecting through the website

If it's your first time connecting then you'll have to go through the website - Home - Salon Tracker

1.     Hover over the resources tab in the top right and click remote assistance.

2.     The screenconnect.client file will download

3.     Open this file and allow changes to device

4.     It may ask you to enter your name, just enter your salon name

5.     You will be connected up and one of the Salon Tracker team name will pop up at the top of the screen saying 'your screen is being controlled by x' 

Connecting on Salon Tracker (help section & desktop app)

If you already have the software installed, there are 2 ways to connect to Remote Assistance

1. The Desktop app, as pictured below. When you download Salon Tracker, the Remote Assistance application will be installed. This is a quicker way to connect us, as it doesn't require you to go on to the software. An example is if your license runs out and you can't access the system we would need you to open that application.

2. Remote Assistance in the software. Go to the help section, (bottom feature on the far left with the question mark). Then click Remote Assistance under the support tab, this will then bring a pop up to download screen connect client, which is a one-time download, after that you should be able to connect as normal, enter your name as well as allow changes to device.


Support Chat

A great alternative if our lines are busy or if your issue is just a quick question, then you can utilise the support chat, as we will reply in just a few minutes. You can access this either on the help section under support or the desktop app for support chat (pictured below).

Salon Tracker Help Section

Finally, the help section has loads of tutorial videos for each feature, and are on average 60-140 seconds long. These are a great alternative for help and training when outside of our support hours.


Thanks for reading! As always we suggest that you try and learn from your own mistakes and utilise all the help already there for you as there may be times where our support line is busy. Please let us know if you would like any help features added or a video tutorial added that isn’t available.

Salon Tracker x 

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