14 July, 2021

Salon Tracker Educational Software

Although this isn’t the end of the pandemic, I think we can all agree that stress of being constantly placed into a variety of different restrictions can now come to its end following the termination of restrictions this Monday. As business owners you are now able to make adaptions freely to ensure that you meet society’s new normality as well as being able to meet the needs of both the staff and customers.

The impact of the pandemic on Educational Salon Academies has been astronomical starting with the limit on face-to-face high-quality education being restricted to students as well as salons having to shut for a long period of time, both situations have had a massive impact on educational salons. Now that they are able to return to face-to-face education and salons are completely free of restrictions it is important that throughout the academy and salon, they ensure good hygiene for both staff and students, maintain appropriate cleaning regimes and keeps the congested areas well ventilated to decrease the risk of infection spreading. It is important that as an educational salon you maintain standards to ensure the safety of staff, pupils and customers another form in which this can take place is by having a booking management system in place to prevent overcrowding in a confined space.

Within Salon Tracker Software there is an Educational Program this program is tailored to meet the needs of your salon with a variety of different features for example we are able to alter calendar titles as well as adding duplicate calendars to assist you in arranging the different level each student is qualified to carry out. Day to day tasks is simplified through the use of our reports and charts section these features allow the financial department access to the academy’s finances throughout the salon.  Through the Siteview application the finance department are also able to collect data and examine reports to be able to monitor the progress of each student and the salon in general.

With Educational salons it can be quite busy with new students arriving and then each student training to achieve a different qualification this can often become complicated to handle. With the software you as a staff member are able to create different calendars to organise which qualification each student is on track to achieve. Features such as groups ensures that students are unable to carry out services that they are not qualified to do this feature can be very beneficial from a legal point of view. Features such as split bookings will allow the salon to book client appointments with a break in between therefore enabling the treatment time to develop this therefore enables the salon to create bookings for other clients in the gap. Additional to this there are features such as post delay which can be useful for hair treatments as it ensures that when a client from the salon books online the break between their two treatments will automatically apply.

If you are interested in having a demonstration of the software or alternatively trialling the software for a two-week period simply enquire at www.salontracker.co.uk/freetrial.aspx and fill in the required details or contact us on 0113 350 8230 and you will be provided with your bespoke educational rates.


We look forward to hearing from you.


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