03 August, 2022

Salon Tracker Hardware


As many of you know, as well as providing many salons across the UK and Ireland our booking software system, we also provide many different types of hardware for salons to use alongside their software. This blog will detail what hardware we sell and also how these pieces of hardware can help the day to day running of your salon that little bit smoother.


In order for you to run Salon Tracker to the best of its ability, we recommend using a PC which is Windows 10 or above and one with quite a high memory. This is because the better your PC is, the smoother Salon Tracker will run meaning you will be able to run your salon in the easiest way possible. The All-In-One PC’s we sell come directly from DELL and come with a wireless mouse and keyboard to give your salon that modern look.

Cash Draw

We can also link your Salon Tracker up to the cash draw we sell; this can be either through our receipt printer or what we call a ‘cash draw trigger’. Having your cash draw linked up to salon tracker means two things, every time you put through a payment your cash draw will automatically fly open so you can put any cash or receipts in there. Having your cash draw linked up also means that the system will register in the system every time its opened, be that through the PC or manually with the key in the action log.

Receipt Printer

Salon Tracker also gives you the option to connect it up to a receipt printer. This means you can print customer receipts off whenever they buy either a service or retail product. In Salon Trackers report section, there are a handful of reports which have receipt in brackets, for example ‘Cashing Up (Receipt). This means that these reports are formatted to fit the receipt printer size so you can print them off here. One thing this is useful for is to help you do a stock check. You can print a stock report off the receipt printer and take this with you to do the stock check.

Barcode Scanner

One way to make you customers’ buying process that little bit smoother and quicker is to use a barcode scanner for your retail products. If you have a lot of different retail products which you sell, scrolling through them all to find the right one can take time. Using the integrated barcode scanner means that you can just grab the product that the customer wants to purchase, scan the barcode and it will go straight into the purchase box. You can also associate barcodes to customers and staff members to make finding them in the system a much quicker process.

Fingerprint Reader

For an extra layer of security in your salon, the fingerprint reader is great. You can associate your customers fingerprints to their customer card so when they come into the salon, they can put their finger on the reader and it will bring up their customer card. This means that there is no chance of you or your staff accidentally putting minutes or bookings through on the wrong customer. You can also use the fingerprint reader for your staff to log into the system and clock in for their shift!

Signature Pad

Another form of integrate able hardware which is available on our professional package and above is the signature pad. This allows you to add your salon disclaimer to the system and when you have a new customer sign up, they can sign this disclaimer on the signature pad and then a copy of the disclaimed along with the customers electronic signature will be stored on their client card.


If you would like anymore information on any of the hardware well sell or would like a quote at all please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0113 350 8230 or email us on info@salontracker.co.uk


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