07 March, 2024

Salon Tracker’s Marketing Features

Sending out campaigns couldn’t be easier with our marketing suite on Salon Tracker! 

We have a variety of templates which you can use, as well as 20 marketing filters and even the option to create your own. It’s as simple as selecting the template, editing your message and clicking send!

 Now you might be thinking to yourself why would I need to do this?

Well… Marketing campaigns are a great way to boost your business. Sending out offers to customers is a great way to entice them to come into your salon and ultimately increase your profits!


A great example of this is our ‘Customers who haven’t visited in a while’ template. This campaign filters through customers who haven’t come to your salon for a while and invites them to come in for a treatment with a discount. 

An example of how the pre-filtered campaign would look is:

Hi <<Forename>

You are missed! All appointments booked before [ENTER DATE] will receive [ENTER DISCOUNT] discount.

<<CompanyName>> <<CompanyTel>> T&Cs Apply

We also have an option on Salon Tracker to schedule your campaigns to be sent out. This is great for if you are wanting a campaign sending out whilst you're away or if you want to plan ahead and be prepared!

For example if you were wanting to send out a bank holiday campaign you could use our summer sale campaign template and edit it to say:

Hi <<Forename>>

We are offering a free [ENTER VALUE] voucher with every booking made this week, which will be redeemable on bank holiday Monday!

<<CompanyName>> <<CompanyTel>> T&Cs Apply

It is also important to think about when is best to send out your marketing campaigns. Using our reports feature on Salon Tracker can help you with finding the best time to send out your campaigns.

For example, by using our Sales by Hour report you can see which times are quieter and use the marketing feature to increase your sales in these periods. Sending out a marketing campaign with an offer during quieter periods may give your customers the incentive to come in.

If you would like to know more about our marketing suite, or any of our features then just give us a call on 0113 350 8230 or drop us an email at info@salontracker.co.uk

One of our team would be happy to help with any questions you might have!

Salon Tracker x

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