30 January, 2024

Salon Tracker’s top tips for increased engagement on Instagram!

Salon Tracker’s Top Tips for Increased Engagement on Instagram!

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is also about promoting your business and getting your name out there.

You can easily do this on Instagram by adding your logo as your profile picture and adding a tagline into your bio to help make clear to potential customers what your salon is all about!

Another super useful way to increase your brand awareness is by adding a link or website of yours to your account. This will help potential customers find more information about your salon.

On our Enterprise package you have access to your very own customised online bookings link which is great for letting customers know what you offer in your salon!


A key part of Instagram is, of course, the content you create and post. It’s important to post about things relevant to you!

Posting is such an easy and useful marketing strategy and even better… It’s completely free! Ensuring your posts are of high quality and eye catching will make your viewers stop to read them.

Things we recommend posting are offers you have on, posts of your work done on customers, and info about the retail products you sell.


It is also important to use hashtags in your posts as this is how you can widen your customer base. Using a variety of hashtags that fit your brand is great for this.

Some hashtags we recommend would be ones with your city in so that people based near you can find you. Using ones related to your treatments are also useful such as #hairgoals #tangoals #nailart #bronzedbeauty #manicuremonday #selfcaresunday #balayage #sunkissed #blowout.


Host Giveaways

Our final top tip to increase your engagement on Instagram is by doing a giveaway. A giveaway is such an easy way to increase your customer base as customers that already follow you will be tagging and sharing your business with their friends.

The giveaway prize can be as easy as offering a free treatment or free course. If you wanted to push the boat out you could even make a hamper of the retail products you sell. These prizes give customers the chance to try new treatments of yours and try out the products you sell, which may ultimately become their new favourite to buy in store!

Giveaways are a super fun way to increase your engagement on Instagram and will benefit your business in the long run.

We hope this blog gave you some useful tips and ideas on how you can boost your Instagram and get the word out about your business!

Salon Tracker x

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