12 March, 2024

Stepover x Salon Tracker Software

The success story of digitalisation in beauty, spa & hair salons with Salon Tracker Ltd and StepOver is an impressive example of how innovative technologies can optimise the workflow and increase the efficiency of companies.

The desktop and laptop-based salon management solution from Salon Tracker is used in many stores to make everyday tasks easier. This includes, for example: saving time as salon owners and their employees will no longer need to keep paper records for their clients, increasing security with local and cloud backups of customer data and building profits with features such as online booking and payments, meaning salon customers can book and pay for their services 24/7!

One challenge that existed, however, was the large number of paper documents such as terms and conditions or disclaimers that still had to be signed by customers on paper. Salon Tracker recognised this and approached StepOver to integrate a digital signature solution into their software solution. This was the start of a successful collaboration.

With the implementation of StepOver’s duraSign Pad Brilliance, tedious paperwork has become redundant. Documents can be signed electronically and managed seamlessly in the Salon Tracker software. For example, customers no longer receive a hard copy of the terms and conditions. They can conveniently view them directly on the signature pad and approve them with their signature. This not only saves printing costs, but also a lot of time for the salon teams - there is no need for time-consuming scanning and archiving of signed documents for compliance and auditing.

The seamless integration of the StepOver solution into the Salon Tracker software provides a smooth signing experience. The sleek design of the StepOver pads perfectly matches the aesthetics of the Salon Tracker Point of Sale (POS). The simple installation made it easy for Salon Tracker to support the StepOver pads. The success was obvious. Within a very short time, the solution was adopted by customers in large numbers.

“We would definitely recommend StepOver to other companies, as the feature has been so seamless and successful for our clients, the customers' signature clearly transfers on to their disclaimers - so this is a great solution for obtaining information.”
- Leah Cave (Senior Sales and Marketing Executive at Salon Tracker)

In the future, Salon Tracker plans to expand the types of documents that can be signed on the signature pads to further increase the benefits of this seamless solution. This includes, for example, consultation forms or treatment waivers.

The StepOver signature pad has established itself as an integral part of Salon Tracker's success by providing an efficient, modern and aesthetically pleasing way to capture client information. Overall, the partnership between Salon Tracker and StepOver has not only saved time and resources, but has also set a new standard for elegance and efficiency in the beauty, spa & hair industry. To learn more about the Salon Tracker software, click here. To learn more about StepOver and their electronic signature solutions, click here.

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