01 December, 2021

Style Your Ear …. Curate with Inverness!

This week we have something a little bit different for our blog. After meeting Inverness Piercing at the Professional Beauty show in London, and experiencing their services first hand, we couldn't think of anyone better to feature as a guest blog. Some of our team members had piercings done at the show and we highly recommend Inverness for their safe & gentle ear piercings. Why not consider adding ear piercings in your salon as another source of revenue!

Have you been hearing all about the ‘curated ear’ but not sure how to get one or even what Curated/Earscape or Designer Ear means?! Well, keep reading. We’ve put together some top tips and must haves on how to curate that ear!


What does ‘Curated Ear’ mean?

A ‘Curated Ear’ is a variety of multiple piercings in one ear designed to create a unique look. No two ears are the same, so why not look at each ear as a blank canvas? Fancy 4 piercings in one ear but only 2 in the other?  Why not?!   


If you’re looking to mirror those glamorous ear shots across social media or our famous icons on the red carpet, or just to create your own unique look, you can do so with the Inverness piercing system.  Most people think it’s only possible to Earscape and Curate the ear through a needle piercing but that’s not true. The hand-pressure Inverness instrument and specially-designed piercing earrings can be used to create gorgeous earscapes piercing both the earlobe and the outer cartilage 


The Inverness system creates piercings with a quiet, gentle, hand-pressured instrument and specially-designed piercing earrings that are as sharp as a needle. Each earring has a finely-honed piercing point which glides through the skin in one smooth action, with no trauma to the ear like the old-fashioned spring-loaded guns. Inverness also have a wide selection of metals and styles to choose from, so it’s possible to get the desired look straight away, whilst you wait for your piercing to heal.


Over the years we have listened to many people share their piercing experiences and how they feel about their current piercings. Unfortunately, a large percentage aren’t happy with their original piercings. Maybe their first holes sit too high or their seconds are too close together making it difficult to fit two pairs of earrings in. This is where getting creative comes in handy and designing those curated ears shine through. 


If your piercing is sitting too high, why not add one just below. Wear a small 2mm CZ in the top hole and a hoop at the bottom. If your piercings are too close together, add a third piercing so when those big earrings come out to party, you can still wear 2 sets and be ready to return to 3 after. 

Planning your Curation!

It’s important to plan your ‘Curated Ear’ starting with the location you visit for your piercings to the steps you’ll need to take to create that unique look. 

At your appointment

Your piercer will work closely with you to try and mirror what you’re looking for. Take some pictures with you to talk through your ideas, but remember every ear is different so your piercer may advise a different position while still aiming for your dream look. 


How many can I have?

Although it’s possible for multiple piercings in one sitting for the earlobe, we advise only one piercing in the cartilage at a time. After the 12-week healing period another piercing can be done. 


The cartilage can be very sensitive, so too many piercings in one sitting can be overwhelming for the ear and it will struggle to heal smoothly. Simply pick your favourite position first and work through each piercing. There’s no reason your piercer can’t place all the dots at your first appointment to make sure the positions are correct for you; they are easy to wipe off so take your time confirming the dots positions. 


Things to consider:

o    Picking the right piercing location.

o    What look are you aiming for?

o    What style earrings are you planning on wearing?

o    Do you plan on having more piercings in the future?



The aftercares steps are a critical stage to the healing period. Your piercer will provide you with a bottle of Inverness Aftercare Solution which you will need to use 3 times a day and follow the instructions provided for the healing period.


Due to multiple piercings possibly being extra sensitive and tender, extra care should be taken during the healing process. ALWAYS wash your hands carefully before touching your ear, and take special care to AVOID:


1.       Bumping your ears

2.       Prolonged pressure against your ears from phones, hats, headphones etc.

3.       Sleeping on your newly-pierced ear

4.       Touching your ears or playing with your earrings.



Become a Stockist!

Do you own a Beauty or Hair business and would like to add this service to your menu? Contact us today for information on our starter kits and how to get set up with the piercing business using Inverness, it couldn’t be simpler!

Website: www.invernesspiericng.co.uk l Email: enquires@invernesspiercing.co.uk

Telephone: 01223 828718

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