07 July, 2021

The end is in sight!

 16 months... 16 long months! I know you'll all agree with me when I say I will be very pleased to see the back of this pandemic. It has been tough on everyone, especially those of you with businesses' that have been yoyoing between being closed and open and didn't know whether you were coming or going... I think this time you are set to be open for good, so let's get prepping! 

19th July aka Freedom Day brings many great things however one of the things that the British public haven't had a taste of for nearly a year and a half is stepping in a night club and actually dancing! This means one thing, the whole of the UK are going to town on looking good for freedom day - so you Salons are going to need to prepare. I can imagine you will be absolutely swamped with appointment requests and your dms will be full to the brim which can cause you quite a lot of stress. Instead, why not take a look at our online booking system that can take all the hassle away and manage all your clients appointments itself. Simply put an auto respond message on your social media accounts that directs your clients straight to your online booking platform. You can also put this link in your Instagram and facebook bio where clients simply log in with their email and a 4 digit pin number. On here they can view any upcoming bookings, amend or cancel them, view any remaining courses etc. Enquire here: https://www.salontracker.co.uk/FreeTrial.aspx for a free demo and 2 week trial!

For those of you that have worked in Salon over the past 16 months (for the time salons have actually been open) I really do admire your persistence with wearing PPE such as masks all day every day. Lucky for you, another great thing that comes with freedom day is that Masks will no longer be required indoors - this means you can have your freedom to chat away to your clients all day without the worry of your mask falling down and the absolute torture they bring on a hot day! 

I know that this mad rush of custom is what you've been craving throughout all these lockdowns and you're probably chuffed to have little appointments remaining but it is so important to give yourself a break to avoid total burnout! Set aside a couple of days in which you will work longer hours and make this clear to your clients these will be the only days you'll be working late as you need some time to yourself. I know some clients will try to twist your arm and persuade you to work late one day for them but if you did this for one person where do you draw the line? Make sure you have at least 2-3 nights of the week spent entirely on you. Put your feet up, get a facemask and chill out... or maybe it's your time to party and hit the clubs! However you spend your "you" time, it is essential for working these busy next few months, so grant yourself it!

Here's to a more normal future ahead of us, we've got this!

P.S Footballs coming home!

Salon Tracker x 

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