17 January, 2024

Treatments for January Blues

All of the excitement of Christmas and the New Year is over, the skies are grey and reality has set in. So what better way to brighten your mood than with beauty treatments to make you glow! Below, we have described some of our favourite treatments to cure the January blues.

Fresh Nails

Christmas is out, and it’s time for a fresh set of nails. Whether you go all out at a salon or simply DIY at home, a new colour is sure to improve your happiness! We recommend trying a shade of yellow, proven to be a mood boosting colour, especially good for starting your day off with energy!


Spa Day

Wind down from the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the pressure of a new year with some nice, relaxing spa treatments. A spa day with a friend or partner could be just what you need to start the year off the right way! If you want to do this in a more budget friendly way, get some facemasks and a bottle of bubbly and have a spa night from the comfort of your own home.


Lash/Brow Treatments

Whether it’s a simple tint, or voluminous lashes and brow laminatio
n, these treatments could be just the pick-me-up you need in January. You could go to a salon for a professional experience, or even tint your brows at home with a DIY tint kit!



A few sessions on a sunbed or a quick spray tan will bring that healthy glow back to your skin and increase your confidence going into the new year! Increased confidence can improve your daily mood, washing away those January blues.

New Hair

All of the events are out of the way, so why not try something new with your hair. A new colour or a big chop might be something you’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t found the right time! If you’re not up to a big change, a bouncy blow dry could give you a bright start to the new year.

We hope you loved reading our suggestions for treatments to brighten your January and that it has given you some ideas to pick yourself up during these gloomy days. 

All the best.

Salon Tracker x

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