09 April, 2024

USB Backup and Benefits of Data Stored on the Cloud

This blog will discuss the benefits of USB backup and cloud data storage, to protect important customer data and reduce chances of data loss.

USB Backup

For customers on our Standard and Professional package we highly recommend backing up your Salon Tracker using a USB memory stick that goes into the back of the PC. At the end of the day, you can select the option to back up your data to a removable drive. We encourage you to back up your data every night from Salon Tracker including your customer details, minutes, purchase history and more as it will ensure safety of your data for if your computer is stolen, broken or crashes. We also recommend selecting to save your data to a local drive, again for security purposes and keeping your customers' data stored safely. With the data saved our Salon Tracker team would be able to export this data onto a new PC or laptop safely if an issue were to occur.

Enterprise Cloud Backup 

Our Enterprise customers have access to the Salon Tracker Cloud Storage. With this feature your data will be backed up every time Salon Tracker is shut down without an external device plugged in (memory stick). In order to do this the Sync Data Online option must be ticked when closing Salon Tracker . This ensures that in the case of anything happening to your PC or laptop Salon Tracker will have all your data saved in the cloud making the data transfer to a new PC seamless.

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