18 August, 2021

Unknown Beauty Hacks you just need to know!

We've had 16 months since the start of the pandemic to now and i'm sure you have found out lots of little beauty hacks to get you through all 3 lockdowns. I've pulled out some of the best ones that have been tried and tested by us girls at Salon Tracker and we think they're too good to not share!

Castor Oil.

If you haven't already purchased a bottle of castor oil then you need to get one immediately! Castor oil is rich n fatty acids, Vitamin E and Proteins which is the best recipe for rapid hair growth. This can be applied to your scalp over night in a shower cap to avoid it going all over your pillow then washed out the next day for hair growth. Or it can be applied to lashes and eyebrows for growth too. Tried and tested by myself, after having lash extensions applied for months I didn't have many lashes left and what I did have left were short and brittle. After 2-3 months using castor oil on my lashes every night my lashes were long and thick again and received many compliments about them!

To get your hands on your own bottle, click the link below!

Green Tea Bath

Green Tea is known for the many benefits it has when you drink it... but how many of you knew that a soak in a green tea bath is also really good for you! Green Tea baths can help reduce muscle pain and reduce redness of the skin. Known for the great antioxidants it contains it has also been said to have anti-aging effects as it helps your skin to recover from environmental elements. You can simply use green tea tea bags in your bath or you could try purchasing a green tea infused bath salt and see which you prefer!

Cold Water Face Wash

Simple yet effective - a cold water face wash! It seems to be our instinct to wash our faces with warm water rather than cold, probably because it is more comfortable like this! But unfortunately warm water on our face opens up our pores and can increase the likelihood of bacteria getting in them and causing breakouts. Cold water keeps your pores closed whilst allowing your face to be cleaned of bacteria with a cleanser the proper way, therefore reducing the amount of breakouts! A cold water face wash can also be quite refreshing, especially in summer!

Powder Lashes

Wanting a fuller lash but not wanting to splash out on lots of different mascaras? Try applying a coat of mascara then dusting your lashes with some translucent powder whilst the coat is still wet. Then apply another coat of mascara and notice a huge difference! You can also use baby powder as an alternative to the translucent powder, just make sure you don't get it in your eye!

The never ending perks of vaseline

Vaseline is an essential when it come to keeping your lips moisturised but it has many other great uses too. It is a great reliever of dry skin and has healing properties on things such as scratches and cuts. Vaseline can also come in handy if you have forgotten your makeup remover, simply apply a little bit onto your eyelids and wipe off with a cotton pad to remove any mascara or eyeshadow! Vaseline can also work well as a more natural form of highlight to top off your sleek makeup look - forget expensive highlighters and make room for Vaseline!

Hair Spray for the win

All women all over the world know how frustrating baby hairs can be when we are styling our hair, even more annoying when you pin them out of the way with a bobby pin and less than an hour later its already slid out! One hack I have come to know is spraying your bobby pins with hair spray before you put them in your hair. This gives them a bit more texture and grip and allows them to stay in your hair all day! 

Rice isn't just good for eating!

Using Rice Water on your hair is a popular hair growth hack all over the world but its not something that everyone knows about... soaking hair in rice water is a cheap yet effective method of turning your hair from dull, dark and dead into long luscious locks. Simply follow the below instructions to make the rice water:

- Take 1/2 cup uncooked rice
- Rinse thoroughly
- Place rice in a bowl with 2-3 cups of water and leave to soak for 30 mins
- Strain the rice into a clean bowl and retain for your next hair wash!

When it comes to next washing your hair simply shampoo and rinse your hair, poor rice water onto the hair and massage into hair and scalp. Leave on for 20-30 mins then rinse thoroughly with warm water! Do this 1-2 times per week and watch the results shine!

These are our top 7 unknown beauty hacks, why not let us know how you find them or even better, tell us a new unknown beauty hack?

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