29 September, 2021

We're Back Exhibiting At Professional Beauty London 17th - 18th October!

Big Events Are Back!

Hi everyone, how are we all? Who’s looking forward to Professional Beauty London next month? We can’t believe it’s been 2 years since we exhibited at the Excel; it seems like 2 minutes ago but so much has happened since then, with the unprecedented pandemic and our industry being forced to close, it has been a difficult 18 months for everyone. But it’s finally starting to look like there is light at the end of the tunnel and things are looking positive! Your businesses have been back open almost 6 months now and it’s been a really successful 6 months from what we have gathered from our clients. But not only has it been busy for you all (which we are so happy about) it’s also been a really great few months for us in terms of development, which we’ll be showcasing a few things that we have been working on whilst were at the show too! But more than anything, we’re just excited to get back to exhibiting and seeing you all in person again. Plus, we’re just as much looking forward to seeing all the other brand showcases and doing a bit of shopping ourselves too!

So, what’s new from us?

Here are the features that we have been developing and what are we looking forward to introduce to you this October:

Editable Siteview

At the previous Salon International and Professional Beauty London shows, we had lots of hair and beauty businesses asking us if we have the ability to edit appointments within our Siteview app. Then throughout the lockdown, it became more and more apparent that there was the need for this feature, due the fast change in working arrangements and the need for flexibility. Throughout the lockdowns, we used the time that our industry was closed to really develop this feature and we are pleased to say we have now launched this within the app! This is available both as a feature within the native app on IOS and Android devices but can also be used in the web browser on any PC/iPad that has internet access. Appointments can now be added, edited, updated and deleted within the app, in which this is all permission based within the software itself, meaning if there are certain elements within the app that you don’t want some employees having access to (for example reports), these can be restricted for certain logins. This is now available to anyone on our Enterprise software package.

Improved Salon Payments

Over the past few years, as we have enhanced our software package, we have altered the way in which we have introduced payments, using PayPal previously to take deposits. However, we have now developed an easier payments solution using stripe payments, which will allow salons to be able to not only take deposits for their bookings, it will allow upfront payments for treatments and also allow subscription services too. So, for anyone that has recently requested tanning subscriptions, these will be available on our Enterprise package very shortly!

Deduction of Services for No-Show Appointments

We know how frustrating no shows are and especially since the lockdown, when business was limited for some time, it is even more frustrating and so, we have implemented some extra features to try and stop no shows even further. One of our main new benefits being that we have altered the way in which no-shows are dealt with. Where currently, our no shows would send a ‘no-show’ SMS message to notify the client of their missed appointment, and would also flag on the system. Improving this, we have now also implemented the ability for services to be automatically deducted from the clients account if they don’t show up to their appointment. So, for example, for a tanning booking of say 9 minutes, if the client didn’t show up the appointment and this was marked as a ‘no-show’ by the salon, the 9 minutes would then be deducted from the clients tanning course. This is also where our online payments system comes in, as if a deposit is paid for by the client and then they don’t show up to the appointment, the salon will keep the deposit for the no-show appointment. Our aim with this is to therefore deter clients from not showing up to appointments, to ensure that they get in touch with you beforehand if they need to cancel or alter their booking. Making sure you can then fill those gaps accordingly as early as possible!

Anything different?

So, what is going to be different this time at the show? Since the pandemic, there has been a few alterations to the show procedures and how we will be operating on our stand. But don’t worry, everything that we have altered is all for extra safety and precautions.

In terms of our stand and the general show operations, this will all be the same but there will be a couple of changes implemented by the show organisers, in terms of practices within the excel; such as mandatory mask-wearing in the common areas and social distancing where possible.

We will also be practising social distancing and ensuring that there are extra sanitization stands, also sanitising all shared equipment and computer equipment (keyboards and mice) on stand. Our staff will all have visors and we will be making sure we carry out regular recorded cleans on our stand too for the duration of the event.

We will also be displaying our information packs on a help your self-service, to further minimise the cross-contamination risk and will try to obtain your details in a covid-friendly way.

But if you have registered for your free ticket
 we will be, as usual, holding in-person demonstrations on stand, to offer marketing and salon management advice all-day across the 2-day weekend. We’re just really looking forward to seeing some of you in person again and being able to get back to exhibiting and networking with everyone! It’s been 2 years too long and we just really want to get back to helping you all to manage your salon, boost profits and grow your salons.

At the show, this is also an opportunity for all of our clients to visit us and ask us any requests that you may have. Look out also over the next coming weeks, as we will be showcasing a Q and A over on our Instagram, as we want to re-communicate and ensure that any needs your salon have, we can try and help implement these for you!

Lets get back to business! We can’t wait to see you there,

Salon Tracker x

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