15 January, 2020

What is it that makes us so good at Tanning?

Since we established in 2014 our aim was always to specialise in Tanning and get as good as we can be. On our Journey, not only have we mastered the Tanning software, but we also excel in helping Hair Salons, Beauty Salons, Spa's and Barbers all around the world. 

But what is it exactly that makes us so good at Tanning?

First of all, we are one of few software companies that actually provide sunbed timer integrations. We integrate with TMAX and Sigma currently and this allows you to fire off a bed directly from the software without the fuss of counting coins. The customer will come in, tell you their name (or use the fingerprint scanner), you'll deduct the minutes off the account and then it will communicate with the bed first of all sending a dress down time of either 3 or 5 minutes following with the selected time frame the customer has chosen to go on the bed for and finally finishing with a small cool down time for the bed to cool down and reset itself. Perfect for all you Tanning Association members!

Another great feature that comes in handy for all Salons is the new and improved waiting list feature that tells you exactly how long the waiting time is to use each specific bed and allows you to form a Que of people so there's no losing track of who's in turn to use the bed first. Perfect for all you busy Salons out there! 

Worried about your customers ruining your reputation and abusing the Salon Policy? Our system has a set of booking rules that allow you to not be able to put anyone on the bed that has already been in in the last 24 hours, stop anyone that is under the legal age of 18 and limit the bookings per year they have to make your Salon as ethical as possible!

To add further security, we sell Finger Print recognition devices which once the client has initially registered their Finger Print, every time they come in the Salon in the future they can just come in, place their finger on the reader and it will automatically bring their client card up and how many remaining minutes they have left allowing you to directly put them on the bed saving a lot of time and embarrassing moments of forgetting the clients name!

Storing signed disclaimers has never been so easy either. Once you've come up with your Salon policy/ disclaimer in a PDF format, we're able to upload this to the system and the client can read it and sign using our signature pads. A signed copy of the disclaimer will then store onto their client card making it easy to access and without the hassle of getting them lost in the hundreds of other paper disclaimers you keep scattered about the Salon! Furthermore, we sell QR cardboard cut outs that you can place on your reception desk in the Salon and let your clients scan the code to register using their phone which is perfect for all you super busy Salons!

On our Enterprise package, your clients are able to log into the mobile web app and check how many minutes they have remaining as well as book a slot for a bed to save time waiting in a que of people which has proven to be extremely beneficial with our current clients, just see the testimonial below!

“Now our clients have online booking, they know that when they turn up their bed is ready waiting for them, so our customers are a lot happier. Main advantage is that there are no waiting times for customers anymore, so it has prevented us from losing any clients as before there was a long wait. It’s actually helped us to retain customers as they are no longer going to competitors. Our phone used to never stop ringing for bookings, but it barely rings anymore which is so much better and less stressful as it saves us so much time! It’s just so much more convenient as people can book from work or home!” - Annie Whitehouse, Flamingo Bay.

Our software also allows you to place a happy hour discount on the system automatically and completely customisable. For example if you sell your minutes at 50% off for an hour each day to get the clients in on those quiet hours, the software has got it covered meaning you don't even have to think about adding the discount as it is already done for you! And if you're looking for something where you can let your customers know about happy hour, why not use your SMS marketing suite to send out a text to your clients to let them know?

Furthermore, the software measures the lifespan of your sunbeds and lets you know when the beds are ready for re-tubing and servicing which can be extremely useful as it is quite easy to lose track of the last time your bed was service. Each time someone goes on the bed, the counter will increase to show how many hours that bed has done, the service lifespan will also decrease as that means it is counting down until the bed needs a service. All of which can be done from within the software as well as when the bed has been serviced which will then reset the timers!

The software currently has around 30 reports that come with the software, one of which being the 'day end receipt' which pretty much shows everything you need to know about what went through the software that day but the best thing about this report is the Bookable Item Summary which shows exactly how many sessions each bed has had and how many minutes it has done which is great for showing your most popular bed and least popular bed. On top of this, the system monitors and tracks stock of retail products so if you sell tanning creams and sachets, you will always be aware of what products you have in stock and what you're running low of as well as the ability to accept stock orders from the HQ which you can read all about in this blog http://bit.do/stock-ordering

These are just a few of the features that can benefit your Tanning Salon, but instead of reading about them... why not see them for yourself? Call us on 0113 350 8230 to get booked in for a free demo and 2 week trial, you won't regret it!

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