20 October, 2021

Who can Salon Tracker Integrate with?

Though our booking system had many different features, there are some things that you may need to help your salon run smoothly that we don’t offer. This is why we have partnered with some different companies and integrated their services into our system so you can run your salon in the simplest way possible.


When it comes to card payments, Salon Tracker can directly integrate with Dojo Payment Terminals. How this works is once your card terminal is connected to your Salon Tracker by a member of our team, when you select the card payment option on the system this will send the correct amount directly through to your card terminal. This integration reduces the risk of error when typing in the payment amount and also means that there will be no discrepancies between your Salon Tracker reports and your end of day reports from your PDQ machine. If you would like to get this integrated just let us know and we can pass over your details to our account manager at Dojo Payment Sense!

TMAX/Sigma Sunbed Timers

One of our most popular features with our tanning salon customers is the integration with TMAX and Sigma timer managers. On our professional package and above we offer tanning salons the ability to connect the timer manager. This works by plugging your timer manager into the PC using a USB to serial cable and means that you can send tanning minutes through to the sunbed from your PC. This reduces work load and also makes it easier to track how many minutes each bed has done for when you need to retube your beds! This feature also lets you set bespoke, dress down and cool down times for your beds.


For all your marketing needs, you can integrate your Salon Tracker Professional and Enterprise accounts to mailchimp.  In Salon Trackers bespoke marketing suite, you can filter out different customer groups which you would like to market to, for example your best spending customers or customers who haven’t visited in a while. You can then input this information into Mailchimp and send out a marketing campaign to these customers for free! If you would like any training on how to do this at all please just let us know!


One small, but very useful feature, that has been implemented into Salon Tracker is the Geo- Code. This feature allows you to put in your customers post code and automatically find their address. All you need to do this is an active google account and we’ll link your account up to your salon tracker.

Social Media

Whilst Salon Tracker doesn’t directly integrate with your salon’s social media accounts, there is ways around this for things such as your online booking site and also reviews. You can add your link to your social media pages, such as Instagram or Facebook so your customer can easily find your online booking site. Also, within Salon Tracker you can send your customers an SMS message asking them to leave you a review on social media or google.


If you would like any help on setting any of these integrations up or if you would like any more information on any of these please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team on 0113 350 8230 or email info@salontracker.co.uk

Remember if you visited us at Professional Beauty London this year to give us a call and get booked in for your free demo and two-week trial so you can claim your show offer!

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