08 September, 2021

Why hiring apprentices can benefit your Salon!

Your salons growth is extremely dependant on the people you hire, without good
employees it would be a struggle to run your salon successfully, if at all. Whilst it is important to hire staff that are experienced, knowledgeable and qualified it also pays off to hire up 
and coming apprentices with little knowledge and experience. These people will be itching to learn and will most likely carry your Salon into upcoming trends and styles. 

So, what does hiring an apprentice really involve?

An apprentice can be anyone over the age of 16, and their apprenticeship programme can last anything from 12-18 months. This means that whilst learning the inns and outs of the job role, they are also qualifying in knowledgeable courses that will help guide them throughout, possibly bringing even more knowledge back to the salon. 

Worried that hiring an apprentice isn't cost effective? Wrong! The government could potentially be funding 100% of the cost to train an apprentice depending on their age. You can find out all the funding information on the official government website. Please note that you can hire an apprentice to cover any job role within the Salon, this could even be down to a receptionist all the way up to a aesthetician, the choice is yours! 

Benefits of hiring an apprentice

Whilst hiring an apprentice will help them grow their skills and knowledge, it can also help to create an endearing workplace environment for all employees and clients. Experienced employees can help to influence the way your apprentices behave and also develop their learning within the Salon. 

If you are concerned about hiring apprentices with little experience because they will take longer to learn the ropes of the job... think of it this way instead: hiring an apprentice means you have a fresh mind to work with in terms of their knowledge of the job role and they will learn everything from your nurturing  rather than coming in with old and possibly outdated knowledge. 

A range of ages throughout the Salon all with different skills, abilities and personalities can actually be extremely beneficial to your Salon. Young apprentices are often down with the trends which can really bring your social media accounts to life. Tik Tok is the most popular app in the world right now and having your Salon on tiktok will give you chance to get your Salon out there and potentially build your client base. 

Our Apprentice Experience
Here at Salon Tracker, we have 3 degree apprentices who know first hand how beneficial completing an apprenticeship can be. Christie and Naomi joined the business straight after completing college in 2017. Over the course of their apprenticeship, both Christie and Naomi have come a long way in terms of confidence, knowledge and experience. Not only have they improved individually, but they have also been able to bring what they have learnt to the business and help to bring in loads of new, modern ideas. After having such a positive experience with our own apprentices, we would always be open to hiring more as we believe they have been a great asset to the company!

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