07 June, 2022

My First Year!

I’m sure I have had the pleasure of speaking to the majority of our clients, if you haven’t spoken to me yet… I’m Ellis. I am part of the Support and Sales team at Salon Tracker Software.

I started working at Salon Tracker at the start of June 2021 and began by learning how the software works. Once I was comfortable with the system, I began managing my own enquiries and doing demos and trials for potential customers. Once I had progressed further, I began looking at the support side of Salon Tracker. This involved setting up customer hardware, taking tickets for any customer requests and trying to implement them. Also, I have been to two trade shows, Professional Beauty London and Beauty UK.

Alongside managing my own customers, I have also done a few projects during my time at Salon Tracker. These have included redesigning/updating our customer brochure to include our latest features and redesigning our developers’ website. Working on these projects has allowed me to work with different members of our team and develop my skillset further.

In the future, I am hoping to move further into the support side of Salon Tracker so that I can learn the more technical side of the system as this is the area that I find most stimulating due to being a bit more complex.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year at Salon Tracker. I have enjoyed getting to know the ins and outs of the system and speaking to new and existing customers. The team have been extremely helpful in terms of me settling in and have been on hand to answer any questions I have had. We have many projects planned for the near future so keep tuned to see what the Salon Tracker team is up to over the coming year. I look forward to speaking to you in the future!

Ellis x

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